HEALTHY LIVING: time to detox

Some of you may have already spotted a little detox-preview on my Instagram account (@vickyheiler), and so I thought it was time to give you a more detailed update after completing my first 2 days of nothing but liquids with Detox Delight.

Advent Calendar Day 4: Wellicious

Yoga has been a part of my personal workout routine for a few years now. Sometimes on a weekly basis, sometimes a bit less consequently. Winter is my favorite time of the year to practice yoga - I love hot and power yoga. The perfect combination of a workout and calming "me time". Of course, when it comes to fitness, great workout gear makes sweating twice as fun...

OUTFIT: sporty habits

Don’t ask me why, but my scale is currently trying to make me mad. I am not one to weigh myself on a daily basis since I have been around the same weight for a long time (which I am happy with).