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Why We Sleep

Generally speaking, hotel beds are pure bliss. Am I right? Especially the ones at the Shangri-La in Vancouver (but more on that in the next post). However, after traveling for almost three weeks nonstop, this weekend at home (in our own bed) has been amongst the most anticipated highlights on my agenda.
Right after my 30th birthday, we took off to spend six days in Canada to catch up with family, explore Whistler and enjoy Downtown Vancouver. From there, we jetted South to beautiful Tulum in Mexico followed by two days further inland in Coba for a total of 16 nights away. Once back in Vienna we barely spent 24 hours at home before seeing my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Back to Vienna for two days and then Amsterdam on Thursday and Friday with another night in a hotel bed (without Mike) that felt too unfamiliar to allow for a good dose of snooze. Needless to say, falling into our freshly washed crispy white Royfort bedding (300 thread-count, 100% cotton) and sinking into my own pillow has been more bliss than any hotel bed could ever measure up to.

about Royfort

The brands promise is a simple one: we create luxury bedding that does not cost a fortune. Inspired by the luxurious bed linens in hotels, the young start-up founders made it their mission to create that same hotel-bed-feeling for a price that is within reach. “Together with a family business in Portugal we have developed an ingenious bed linen from 100% cotton. We only sell online and therefore we don’t have to pay middlemen, distributors or even brand licenses. We keep transport distances as short as possible. The price advantages are passed on directly to you.”

bedroom details:

  • bed custom ordered from Leiner in Vienna
  • Royfort bed linens
  • CB2 night stands
  • bedside lamps from Housedoctor

Royfort Bettwäsche Review - Bikinis & PassportsEver since I started reading the book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker earlier this year, a whole new world of interest has unlocked itself to me. Here’s why: I (used to) belong to the type of people who claim “they work fine on little sleep”. Once I am up, I am up. No matter if I slept a full 8 hours or only 5. Of course, waking up with a 5:30 alarm in darkness is a lot less fun than being woken by the sunlight bouncing off the walls. I am a night owl and it takes a lot of effort to get myself into bed before midnight. But an effort I am willing to make the further along I get in the book. It is far too much that I have learned on the past 180-something pages to summarize in a single blogpost (and I highly recommend you read it yourself). What it comes down to in the end, is that sleep is one of the most functional medicines on earth, one of the most essential restorative functions our body has to offer and the ultimate learning tool for our brain. Knowing that, in combination with a bed better than most 5-star hotels around the world, passes as a pretty amazing motivation to work on getting those full 8 hours of sleep – at least as long as we have the luxury of setting our own sleeping rhythm.

Well rested and with a head full of motivation, I sincerely hope to be back on a more regular posting schedule. With endless content from our recent travels, a few outfits I recently loved alongside bits and pieces from our interior progress in the “new” apartment (I can’t believe it has been 5 months already…) I have every intent of sleeping more and posting more.

*sponsored by Royfort

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  • 5 years ago

    Richtig toller Beitrag liebe Vicky! <3
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra /

  • Birgit
    5 years ago

    Super schöne bilder

  • 5 years ago

    Seit du von diesem Buch auf Instagram berichtet hast, will ich es unbedingt auch lesen! Ich konnte und kann (zum Glück) meistens immer noch sehr gut schlafen, aber finde wirklich, dass man wenn man älter ist viel mehr über das Schlafen nachdenkt und viel mehr Probleme damit hat. Das ganze Thema etwas besser zu verstehen, ist also sicher ein sehr guter Ansatz <3
    Liebe Grüße
    Céline von Smultronställen

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