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The Standard

If you have ever found yourself researching hotels for New York City, chances are pretty high that you have come across, or heard of The Standard High Line Hotel. Aside from it’s famous location right on the former high line in Meatpacking District, the floor-to-ceiling windows and well-known restaurant, the Standard Grill, the hotels rooftop bar has been attracting visitors for many years now. Hence, it is also a hotel that has been on my personal NYC-wishlist for a while. When Mike surprised me with concert tickets in New York for my birthday, it was the perfect excuse to finally book a room at the Standard High Line Hotel for our weekend trip to the big apple. He didn’t object and so we spent the last four days of July in room 1201 at the Standard. But is it really all that it is hyped up to be? I’ll tell you in today’s The Standard High Line Hotel Review…

The Standard High Line Hotel Review - Bikinis & PassportsThe Standard High Line Hotel Review - Bikinis & PassportsNew York City travel outfit | Bikinis & Passports

The Standard High Line Hotel Review: What I liked

  • The Room Size: We booked a Superior King and in comparison to other hotels I have stayed at in NYC, the size of the room was surprisingly spacious. Not what you would consider large in most other cities, but considering that space is rare in New York, we were positively surprised.
  • The Location: My favorite neighborhoods in New York are Soho, Meatpacking, Greenwich Village  and the Lower East Side (mainly for food options though). In that order. Even though to me personally, the 11 Howard in Soho has the best location for a weekend in the city, The Standard is literally on the block that connects Greenwich Village and Meatpacking. Or better said, Meatpacking in Greenwich Village. Either way, a great spot to be with restaurants like Catch NYC, Santina, STK or the Chelsea Market just a few steps from the hotel!
  • The Restaurant: As a huge fan of The Standard Grill, it doesn’t hurt to stay a few floors above it!
  • The Mini Bar: One of the best stocked mini bars (for my personal taste) I have ever seen. From Popcorn to healthy bars, chewing gum, fancy water and lemonade – the Standard High Line has it all.
  • The Bed: Both Mike and I noted how incredibly well we slept in the bed. Super, super comfortable, big and fluffy.
  • The Gym: If you are anything like me, you love working out on vacation. Especially at a destination where the jetlag has you up and ready to rumble at 6am. Now imagine getting your morning sprints on the treadmill or squats in with a stunning view over the city and river from the 17th floor. My mouth literally dropped when I first entered the hotel gym with floor-to-ceiling windows on the first morning.

The Standard High Line Hotel Review: What I didn’t like

  • The Shower: Personally, I don’t mind my boyfriend seeing my naked. I run around the apartment with no clothes on all the time and after 12 years of dating we have shared a shower or two. But (!!) at The Standard High Line, the shower in our room was used as the “wall” between the bedroom and bathroom. Not a big deal to us (even though I don’t necessarily need an audience while I am shaving my legs), but if you are traveling with a friend, sibling or possibly even your dad, this is probably not the type of stage you were hoping for while singing in the shower.
  • Le Bain (= the rooftop bar): For some reason, I was incredibly disappointed by the rooftop bar that is so hyped. Sure, the view is stunning (same as the gym though), but getting up there is such an ordeal. It is a separate entrance next to the hotel with a line, bounce and coat check. Bags larger than a fanny pack and cameras are not allowed. We were on the way back from strolling the city and wanted to grab an afternoon drink. I had a bag with me, which I had to check. The place looks rather run down and is super crowded. Not impressed, we left even before ordering anything…
  • The View: I thought about how to phrase this without sounding completely spoilt and like a diva. So even though I really liked our room per se, I was slightly disappointed by the view. I always imagined waking up at The Standard High Line with the city drenched in golden morning light and an endless view. Not so much with our room. We were in 1201, which is a higher floor and a great view in theory. However, we were the first room when you got out of the elevator and more or less looked right at the building next to us. I am sure there are other rooms in the same category with a much better view, so this was simply our personal experience, but one of the main reasons I always wanted to stay at the hotel was the views… at least I had it in the gym. And maybe we would have needed to splurge on a corner king in order to get what I had hoped for.
  • The Hair Dryer: No bueno. That’s all. Not the worst I have ever come across but definitely not worth mentioning. Hence, my hair was either pulled back in a sleek bun or let loose in big waves throughout the trip!

Bottom Line: Would I book the hotel again? Probably not. We both liked the room and our stay, but I think it is one of those “been there, done that” places. Next time, you will probably find me back in Soho! None-the-less, there is nothing really bad I can say about the hotel.

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The Standard High Line Hotel Review - Bikinis & Passports

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  • Dani
    6 years ago

    Ich mag deine Hotel-Reviews wirklich sehr gerne <3

    • VICKY
      6 years ago

      Liebe Dani,
      das freut mich unheimlich! Ich bin jemand, der vor jedem Urlaub immer extrem viel recherchiert und Reviews liest, darum ist das für mich ein sehr schönes Feedback!
      xox Vicky

  • 6 years ago

    Wow, das sieht wieder Mal so superschön aus! Ich liebe deine Hotel Reviews so sehr. Obwohl ich bei den Hotels meistens versuche, am meisten Geld zu sparen, kann man sich ja ab und zu Mal ein schöneres Hotel gönnen, nicht wahr? 😉 Danke für den Tipp!
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra /

  • Birgit
    6 years ago

    ich liebe deine hotel reviews. ich mag es, dass du so wunderbar ehrlich bist und auch wenn es oft “jammern auf hohen niveau” ist, bin ich sehr froh, über all deine anmerkungen, weil wenn man schon viel geld für ein hotel ausgibt, dann soll es auch “perfekt” sein und dann will man sich nicht über kleinigkeiten ärgern müssen. vor allem die anmerkungen mit dem föhn sind immer super. ich hasse es eig. meinen fön einzupacken, auch wenn er nicht viel platz im koffer braucht, aber ein schlechter fön im hotel ist halt auch scheisse und dann pack ich ihn doch meistens ein 😉

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The Standard

If you have ever found yourself researching hotels for New York City, chances are pretty high that you have come across, or heard of The Standard High Line Hotel.

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