Changing Corners

Let me tell you one thing: Nesting is an actual thing when you are expecting a child. All of a sudden I am finding myself purchasing items to help organize the kitchen drawers (who knew you could color-coordinate tea bags?)…

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A Week at VIVAMAYR – What it is really like!

What is it really like to do the Cure at VIVAMAYR, you ask? Well, let me start by saying this: it is hard to put into words.

The Wellness Vibe

Dressed Accordingly: Beach to Bar

It seems like a lifetime ago that I claimed to “not be a dress girl”. Now, with Summer in full force and temperatures climbing above 30°C, I cannot imagine a life without a closet full of light and airy dresses.

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Dished Up: Cookbooks I Am Currently Inspired By

With a new mindset in regards to digestion and gut health, I have currently been busy browsing all sorts of cookbooks in search for recipes that are not only delicious and nourishing, but also bring healing properties and ingredients to the table.

Cookbooks I love