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Turning 30

During the weeks and days leading up to my 30th birthday, I found myself thinking about the number more and more. Not in a negative way. Rather in a very self-reflecting manner. I thought a lot about the person I have become over the past decade(s), the relationships and career that I have built for myself, the places I have gotten to visit at such a young age and the way that I am thankful for all of the above.

Growing up, I always found myself excited to get older. I always found adults more interesting than the other kids at parties. I loved the thought of making my own money and building a home. Now, at 30, I can honestly say, there is no other age I’d rather be.

It might sound like just another cheesy Pinterest quote, but you really are the architect of your own fortune. I strongly believe in the power of vision and I strongly believe in karma. This birthday was the best proof of that!

#vicky1989: Turning 30 - Bikinis & Passports

On the weekend, I celebrated my 30th birthday surrounded by all the people that mean the most to me. Those, that have touched my life in an extra special way. Even though I am not the emotional type, I found myself tearing up over and over again, because I was so overwhelmed by the happiness and appreciation I felt for the way my life, friendships and job has turned out at this exact age. And before I share some of my favorite memories of the celebration, captured by one of my wonderful friends Patrick, with you, I wanted to leave you with something my mom (who is a strong advocate of birthday celebrations) has always taught us kids: Getting older is a privilege that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience. Hence, every birthday is a blessing and every year we grow older should be celebrated.

About the Party:

When I started planning my birthday, I knew from the very beginning that I did not want to celebrate at a public space. To me, there is no better combination than good food in even better company. For the location, I wanted something unpretentious and cool in a casual way. I have always loved the loft-y feel of the WUK in Vienna’s 9th district. I wanted one big, long table for everyone. For the dresscode, I wanted it to feel elegant, which I described as “suits, dresses and all the other fancy stuff” on the invite. And as far as the food was concerned, I didn’t want just any caterer, I wanted my favorite restaurant in Vienna: Mochi.
I created the menu cards and invite from a template I purchased online and a dear friend was kind enough to print them at his work. The vases for the table were rinsed glass-bottles from a friend’s 5-day juice cleanse. The 16 meter table cloth was a single piece of fabric I purchased on Amazon and the #vicky1989 details were a surprise delivery from Die Macherei.
In the end, the party was everything I had hoped for and so much more.

my outfit details: MANGO dress (old) / SIMONE ROCHA hair clip / STUART WEITZMAN sockboots

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*photos by Patrick Langwallner


  • 5 years ago

    Wow, das sieht ja traumhaft aus!
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra /

  • 5 years ago

    für mich bist du einfach bezaubernd und mein absoluter #girlcrush!
    auch hier nachträglich alles liebe zum geburtstag!
    herzlich re

    • VICKY
      5 years ago

      Liebe Re,
      danke dir für deine jahrelange Treue und die lieben Worte <3
      xx Vicky

  • 5 years ago

    Happy belated birthday, dear Vicky! Wishing you all the best <3 And thank you for these beautiful and wise words – I am turning 30 myself in several weeks and I was kind of starting to panic. I must say : you made the situation much easier for me! 🙂
    Oh, and your party was amazing, these photos are great inspo!

    • VICKY
      5 years ago

      Dear Elle,
      thanks so much for the feedback – I have to say, I don’t think I have ever been happier with myself than I am at age 30. Of course getting older is not always fun, but I think it also brings a certain inner calm and strength that is worth more than any number!! 29 is fun but be sure to enjoy the 30 even more!!
      xx Vicky

  • Pia
    5 years ago

    Liebe Vicky,
    alles alles Gute noch nachträglich!
    Die Bilder sind wahnsinnig schön, sehr stimmungsvoll (ich finde das schafft noch lange nicht jeder Fotograph) und lassen einen direkt mit eintauchen in deinen Geburtstag.
    Schon lustig, ich verfolge deinen Blog schon seit du 24 bist (glaube ich..).
    Ihr und du seit einer der wenigen Blogs/Infuencer die ich mir noch angucke. Toll was du bisher erreicht hast, finde ich sehr beeindruckend und freue mich für dich das deinen Ideen und Pläne so gut funktionieren.
    Liebe Grüße

    • VICKY
      5 years ago

      Liebe Pia,
      danke dir vielmals für die lieben Worte! Patrick ist wirklich ein toller Fotograf (er hat ja zB auch Kathi’s Hochzeit fotografiert) und ich bin so soo dankbar für diese Eindrücke von dem Abend, da er mir so noch besser in Erinnerung bleibt. Ich hätte mir keine schönere Feier wünschen können!
      xx Vicky

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