Life is short Buy the shoes, drink the wine and order the dessert.

Life is short

Buy the shoes, drink the wine and order the dessert.

detox ready

On Wednesday, Mike are heading South to Lake Worth for a 6-day detox retreat at Vivamayr. Currently, I am not sure whether to be really excited or really scared.

favorite sale finds.

When it comes to sales, I have definitely gotten lucky quite a few times in the past. It does take some time to click through all the items, but occasionally you’ll find something you’ve had your eye on all season at discounted prices your credit card will love.

CRAVINGS: California Dreamin’

With just a little over 2 weeks to go until our trip to California, I am already excited beyond words. Not only is one of my best friends from middle and high school getting married, but we are also spending 12 days in the Californian sun –

CRAVINGS: baby blue.

When Mondays feel like Sundays thanks to the long Easter weekend, my Sunday Cravings also turn into Monday Cravings. Because quite frankly, yesterday I was busy spending time with loved ones while eating too much chocolate cake.

denim must-have: tapered & bleached.

I am currently going through a serious denim phase that mostly revolves around mom jeans of some sort. While Winter was all about darker hues of blue, gray and black jeans, I am currently obsessing over bleached denim pieces.

CRAVINGS: the yoga affair.

For the past 2 weeks, I have started my Mondays with a 10am spinning class together with Kathi. The first time around was because we wanted to shoot our sporty Editor’s Pick in the according setting and give the new active wear a run for it’s money, aka 60 minutes of sweat on the bike.