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Out on the deck

Summer is over. That’s a (sad) fact. And even though we will spend our free time wrapped in blankets on the sofa, rather than lounging on the outdoor deck for the next four or five months, our new lounge – the Tribu Natal Alu Récamières – has finally arrived. After summer, that is. It was supposed to be delivered mid-August but due to holidays on the production end of things, everything was delayed until after our California vacation.

However, I did manage a few precious minutes out there, lounging, reading and feeling 100% smitten about this timeless investment of ours. Since moving into our current home a year ago, we made it a point to save up for pieces we really want rather than spending money on temporary solutions that kept our excitement level to a minimum. This way, we are slowly creating a collection of pieces that will (hopefully) last us a lifetime – or at least the next decade!

tribu natal alu recamiere - Bikinis & Passports

Lounge Love

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