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Coffee Table (Talk)

While we have an endless love for our apartment, there are certain corners that are like a favorite child (not that I would ever have favorites with children). Our living room with the green velvet sofa and black marble coffee table are definitely amongst those preferred kids. We spend so much time there, I usually sit on the sofa and enjoy the view while I eat my fruit in the morning, we bing-watch netflix on the sofa and have had way too many TV dinners sitting on the white rug. I love how the pieces of this room have come together. Hence, I wanted to share my personal take of coffee table styling with you.

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Coffee Table Styling Tips: Green Velvet Sofa + Black Marble Coffee Table - Bikinis & Passports

Living Room details: Westwing Green Velvet Sofa // Westwing Black Marble Coffee Table // Westwing “JANE” Rug // H&M VASE // EICHOLTZ Chair // BYREDO CANDLE // DIPTYQUE Candle accessories // WEsTWING Tray

Coffee Table Styling Tips

  • Sizing is key. If you don’t have a lot of space, opt for a smaller side table instead of a big coffee table like ours. If the table is big, there is room for magazine, flowers, candles and the likes. If you go with a smaller version, try not to over-style things, keep it sleek with a single vase or candle.
  • Form and function: The coffee table is a place that catches the eye, hence the decorative aspect definitely plays a roll, but don’t forget that the pieces should not only look pretty and collect dust, but also serve some sort of purpose with their function. I only like candles on the coffee table that you actually light. I swap out the magazines depending on what I am currently reading, in order to have the right mag on hand when I have a spare 5 minutes on the sofa with a coffee in hand. Flowers are a must on our coffee table but they should never obstruct the view too much, otherwise you’ll find yourself carrying a vase through the living room every time you turn on the TV.
  • The color palette: Things instantly look more tidy and organized if they belong to the same color palette. Since our velvet sofa in green is responsible for a bit of color, we try to keep the other pieces as simple and timeless as possible: white, black, gray and a hint of gold.
  • Use a tray: Obviously, smaller things like remote controls, matches and other decorative objects also find their way onto a coffee table. A tray is a great coffee table styling tip to keep things looking orderly. I bought this affordable sleek white tray (50 x 35 cm) a few years ago and it works wonders on the coffee table.

Coffee Table Styling Tips: Green Velvet Sofa + Black Marble Coffee Table - Bikinis & PassportsGet The Look


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