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About the Abode: Living Room

Who knew it could take almost a year to furnish an apartment? I definitely underestimated the amount of time that has gone into making our home look the way I had imagined. Slowly, the individual rooms are coming together – some more than others. While the home office / guest room resembles more of a storage room at the moment, the living room is finally done. Last week, two pieces of art were hung and a chair that I have patiently been waiting for since March arrived, so I think I can let it rest (for now). Reason enough to give you a bit of an insight to our “new” abode.

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Vicky Heiler Apartment, Living Room: Green Velvet Sofa - Bikinis & Passports

Our Living Room

The new apartment is a maisonette with two bedrooms, toilet and bathroom on the lower level and a very open living and dining space with an integrated kitchen plus an additional room (=office) and bathroom on the upper floor. I don’t have exact measurements for the open living area and am terrible at guessing, but I am assuming the space is around 40-50 square metres. Which is not entirely easy to decorate. Why? Because there are stairs that come up with a balustrade in the room, huge floor-to-ceiling windows on opposite sides of the room (which I love) and two doors going into other rooms. Hence: not a single continuous wall (ie. to hang a regular TV). Hence, it has taken me a bit longer than usual to adapt to the layout of the room and figure out which pieces would work best. Funny enough, we did not purchase too many new items for the living room, but the art and other decorative elements have made the biggest difference!

  • the sofa: We had our green velvet sofa in the old apartment and love it even more now in the new living room. The green comes out beautifully with the amount of light we have and is a key player in pulling together all the other pieces – especially some of the art and plants.
  • the marble coffee table: Another piece we already had and love. I am not sure I will ever get sick of this black marble coffee table. The size is amazing (we sometimes even use it to eat in front of the TV) and I love the dark contrast with the rest of our interior.
  • the white rug: I love our natural wooden floor and was super torn if we should get a rug for the living room or not. In the end, I asked you guys on Instagram and the majority was all for the rug. Thank god! It really pulls together the space in such a calming and elegant way that I now cannot imagine not having a rug anymore. For the choice of rug, I stuck with what I already liked and simply got the same ivory 2x3m rug that we had had previously. Love it!!
  • the TV: as you can tell from the photos, finding a TV for the new apartment was not the easiest task based on the set-up of the room. I like the fact that there is a special nook dedicated to the TV, but it also makes it very much part of the room. It had to be something that would look more like decor rather than an oversized black screen standing in the middle of the living room. In our old apartment we had a beamer (definitely not an option without a back wall to hang it on) so the search quickly came down to The Frame by Samsung in 55 inches. A TV when it is on, art when it is off. Not only can you change the actual frame of the TV to match your interior (black, white, wood) or integrate with a gallery wall, but the TV’s Art Mode lets you display framed art collections or showcase personalized pictures in your everyday space.
  • the art: As my sister put it “When you have real art up on the walls, you have officially become adults.” So I guess we are adults now! The framed print above the sofa is a photo I took of Mike in Palm Springs. I had it printed and framed online (Whitewall). The picture hanging by the home bar is a limited edition print of the Goldstein Residence shot by Stephanie Kloss from LUMAS art gallery. And the highlight of the whole room is the art hung above the stairs. For my 30th birthday, Mike gifted me the two pieces by Vienna-based artist Julian Epok with the names “mais la raison n est pas ce qui regle l amour” (reasoning is not what defines love) and “the truth has no tempererature”. I have been following Julian’s work for a couple of years (ever since seeing one of shows in 2017) and could not be happier with the addition to our home! The most beautiful and meaningful gift I could have ever wished for!⠀
  • the chair: Inspired by the 1950s V-Leg Chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret, this chair (brand: Eichholtz, purchased at a westwing Sale in March) is one of my favorite pieces in the entire apartment. The so-called “Wiener Geflecht” (Viennese handicraft of cane weaving) is celebrating a huge revival in the interior scene at the moment and I love the texture it adds to our living room. This is a similar version, even more affordable.
  • the acrylic side tables: Next to the new chair (and more hidden next to the sofa in the corner) we have see-through side tables from ZaraHome to go with the Kartell Ghost Chairs we have for the dining table. The acrylic material creates a certain lofty-look and feel that we love, providing shelf space without taking from the room.
  • the marble side table: To go with the coffee table, I ordered this custom side table a couple years back. It used to be in the entrance way of the old apartment, but now found its spot as a home bar in the living room. By the way, the coconut scented candle on our house bar is one of my favorite, affordable candles of all time!

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  • 5 years ago

    Woooow, ich liebe ja dein Zuhause! So ein toller Stil. <3 Ich würde sofort einziehen, hehe. 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra

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