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Styling Tips for Small (Outdoor) Spaces

Styling Tips for Small (Outdoor) Spaces

A small outdoor space does not necessarily mean less options when it comes to fun in the sun. As far as our apartment goes, we are very much spoiled with two separate terraces. However, one of those has been terribly neglected over the past 1.5 years… and I will take full blame for it! Last year, we put the focus on the bigger outdoor space, thinking there was not much to do with the more petite deck. Turns out, we were wrong. While the smaller space was mainly used for storage in the past (seems like we forgot about our cellar compartment), the past 10 weeks at home have inspired me to re-do and upgrade many different corners of our home. Including the outdoor space. Said and done, I started researching styling tips for small outdoor spaces for a collaboration with Leiner and quickly learned that the options are (surprisingly) endless.

styling tips for small outdoor spaces - Bikinis & Passports

First there was the idea of a cute bistro table, two chairs and lots of plants for an inspiring nook to have breakfast. Then I dreamt of a sun bed for catching those morning rays on lazy Sundays during summer. But then I remembered that the outdoor space is also accessible from our guest bathroom, so I wanted something where someone could sit in private. Lastly, the idea of an herbal garden adjacent to the living space came to mind. Lots of ideas for a little space measuring 5.4 square metres, right?
I headed to the huge Leiner store on Mariahilferstraße last week (they have 25% off many of their pieces until May 25th) to have a look around and see which of the options would work best for our terrace. That’s when I realized, that maybe it was possible to create a space that would embody a sun bed, a bench for relaxing and a small table option to enjoy aperitivo with friends. Turns out, with the right styling tips for small outdoor spaces, you can have your cake and eat it, too! 

styling tips for small outdoor spaces - Bikinis & Passports

Here are my personal styling tips for small outdoor spaces, to get the most out of your summer this year:
  • a versatile piece of furniture: The biggest piece should always be the first thing you buy. In our case, it was a wooden garden bench named Easton, similar to this one. A regular bench at first glance – until you pull out the little side table or raise the seat to turn it into a sun bed.
    Be sure to keep your dimensions in mind. In our case, the 2m with was a perfect fit and the bench looks like it was actually custom-made for our terrace.
  • no fuss plants: I don’t have a green thumb, neither does Mike. Aside from the fact, that we are both no professional gardeners, the choice of plants for our small deck was driven by greens that would not shed leaves or disperse a lot of pollen. When you do not have a lot of space, the last thing you want is something that will constantly have you picking up leaves. For a mediterranean flair I opted for rosemary and an olive tree, plus a lemon tree is on my wishlist. Go vertical is a great tip when you are trying to save space. Instead of bushy roses that you don’t want to get to close to (thorns), pick plants that will keep the space feeling airy, such as our olive tree.
    Make sure to also consider your pots and planters as part of the decor – so ideally they should go with the furniture. Ours were a total steal from Leiner at under 20€ and look as if they were taken straight out of an Italian masseria.
  • decorative items: Let’s be honest, there won’t always be a fresh fruit basket on outdoor display or a stack of magazines just waiting for you to finish up work on Fridays. However, a big tray is not only perfect for serving guests, but also for adding some extra decor to small spaces. We usually keep the big white tray on our kitchen counter or dining table with fresh fruit, magazines and a candle or decorative coral. When it is time to head outside, it is so easy to just grab the tray and instantly style the terrace.
  • create ambiance: Looking to add a cozy feeling to the deck? How about café lights, lanterns, and candles? Light is such a key player in setting the mood and making even the smallest space seem magical!

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  • KryJulie
    4 years ago

    Liebe Vicky,

    ach ich liebe deinen Stil, schlicht und elegant… ich bin auch ein großer Fan des mediterranen Flair und eure kleine Terrasse ist wirklich wunderschön geworden! 🙂

    Alles liebe,

    • VICKY
      4 years ago

      Liebe Krystyna!
      Danke dir vielmals für die lieben Worte – das freut mich sehr <3
      xx Vicky

  • Lisa
    4 years ago

    Love the bench! <3

    Ich hab sie nur bei Leiner online nicht (mehr) gefunden. Hast du sie dort gekauft? Die würde sich auch auf meiner Terrasse hervorragend machen! Tolle Tips, danke! 🙂

    Alles Liebe, Lisa

    • VICKY
      4 years ago

      Hallo liebe Lisa,
      ich hab die Bank beim Leiner auf der Mariahilfer Str entdeckt – sie dürfte online ausverkauft sein. Eventuell kannst du direkt in einer Filiale anrufen und den Bestand prüfen lassen. Es gibt in der Gartenabteilung auch noch einige ähnliche Produkte, die so wandelbar sind!
      xx Vicky

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