OUTFIT: glitter girl

So, I have this colleague, Julia. We knew each other before we started working together (she actually recruited me), but over the past 2 years we’ve become good friends (obviously, because we spend so much time together), to a point where we can basically complete each other’s sentences and possibly even read minds.

OUTFIT: Ready For New Year’s

I am somewhat proud of myself when it comes to this year’s holiday season! Not only am I already done with all my Christmas present shopping, but I also already know what I’ll be wearing for New Year’s Eve.

GIVEAWAY: win my GIRISSIMA.com wishlist

As promised, here is goodie 2# of the day: I have teamed up with GIRISSIMA.com for a super fun giveaway. They were nice enough to let me create a Christmas wishlist with items of my choice, and 3 lucky readers will each receive one item from the list.

OUTFIT: a perfect coat

I am personally not a fan of winter wear – I think it is super hard to dress nice, because with temperatures around the freezing point, the only thing on my mind is keeping warm.