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Before the Cure: How to prepare for VIVAMAYR

Before the Cure: How to prepare for VIVAMAYR

There is a certain kind of (healthy) magic that comes with a week-long stay at VIVAMAYR. One that can not be put into words but rather appears in the forms better sleep, a healthy glow, a happy gut and a boost of energy. Sounds too good to be true? Well, after two separate stays at VIVAMAYR (*press invite), I can assure you that a week can bring so much change in well-being. However, preparation is key in order to get the most out of your stay. So before I get into what exactly a week at the world-famous medical spa retreat looks like, I wanted to share a few tips and trick on how to prepare for VIVAMAYR.

How to prepare for VIVAMAYR

VIVAMAYR combines modern complementary medicine with traditional diagnostics and therapies according to F.X. Mayr. Once they have treated your condition, proper nutrition combined with exercise and improved mental awareness become the building blocks of your new life.

How to prepare for VIVAMAYR

  • hydration:  drinking of still water to hydrate – away from the meals (30 min before and after no drinks).
  • caffeine, alcohol & nicotine: Remember when I quit coffee for 6 weeks a couple of years ago? VIVAMAYR was the reason. In order to prepare for the Cure, it is essential to reduce the consumption of “distractions” for your digestive tract. The point of the Modern Mayr Cure is to let your body function in the most normal setting possible. Taking its time to digest. Therefore, coffee is out of the game. As is nicotine (if you do smoke). And I think it is self-explanatory that a detox or fast do not involve alcohol, no matter how you spin it. For these substances (caffeine – also in form of black tea – alcohol & nicotine) I would recommend to start cutting back a week in advance and lay off entirely 3-4 days before you check in to VIVAMAYR. The withdrawal symptoms can be pretty bad for up to three days (fatigue, headache) so by cutting these items out of your day at least 3 days before arriving at VIVAMAYR, you are doing yourself a huge favor and can enjoy the Cure much more on the first few days.
  • refined sugar, processed white flour: There is no sugar at the clinic. Sugar feeds a certain type of bacteria in our microbiome and at VIVAMAYR the aim is to get a balanced, healthy gut. Hence, all sugar and processed white flour (ie. pasta or bread) is best left out before arriving. I barely consume regular (refined) sugar anyhow, so this part was not too hard for me. However, fruit sugar is also off limits and that was super hard! I reduced my fruit intake 3 days before our Cure started.
  • raw fruit & uncooked vegetables: Before I get into this point, let it be said that fruits and vegetables are obviously amazing (!!) for you. However, during the Cure, the main goal is to give our digestive system a break. Generally speaking, raw or uncooked things should never be consumed past 4pm because our gut has worked all day and is tired by the evening. A big salad for dinner may be a “light” meal in terms of calories, but it is super hard for us to digest and sits in the stomach for hours, if not all night – causing bloat. Aside from that, it can be said that fresh fruit and raw veggies require a lot of work by our digestive track. So in order to prepare for VIVAMAYR, try to leave out all uncooked foods a good 3-5 days in advance.
  • chew, chew, chew: At VIVAMAYR, the aim is to chew each bite 40 times. Digestion begins in your mouth, not your stomach. So start practicing at home by improving your chewing skills with having smaller bites.
  • sleep: Many regenerative and super important processes in our body take place during our sleep. Hence, it is absolutely necessary for our health (I have been obsessed with the topic of sleep ever since I read the book “Why We Sleep”). Before you check in to a VIVAMAYR clinic, try to head to bed around 10pm and get an (ideal) 8-hours of sleep.
  • day clinic Vienna & London: One of the luxuries of living in Vienna (or London) is the access to the VIVAMAYR day clinic, where the doctors can support you pre- or post-cure. If there are specific health problems you are struggling with, it may be beneficial to schedule an appointment 2-3 weeks prior to the Cure in order to get a head-start. Also, follow ups after checking out are a great way to stay on track and maintain many of the healthy building blocks of your new life!

*photography by Marion Payr for VIVAMAYR | Press Invite

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