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V for Valentine

I love Valentine’s Day. Not because everything turns pink and the flower stores make more money than on any other day the rest of the year, but because it is the day before my birthday. I have always found it incredibly convenient to have my birthday on the day after Valentine’s Day for multiple reasons. First, it has always made the 14th seem less important, which is why I never cared about roses, chocolates or fancy dinners. And second, because it makes it super easy to get cute decorating stuff around mid-February.

Mike and I typically don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Until last year that was, when he surprised me with a necklace out of nowhere and left me looking like an idiot with no present for him. So this year, I am returning the favor in the hopes that last year was only a small slip-up on his behalf and he won’t have anything for me this year – saving all the attention (and presents) for my birthday, remember?

Despite the fact that I have never been big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, I do have a major weakness for all the pretty thing that come along with it. Who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a lace bra or a limited edition scented candle, splurge on a pink face mask and drink champagne before dinner on a Wednesday?

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

(or as I like to call it: my favorite excuse to treat myself a day before everyone else spoils me…)

PS. I buy my own flowers, every week.

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  • 6 years ago

    Sooo sooo schöne Geschneksideen!!! <3 Danke für all die Tipps. Mir gefallen am meisten die bralettes und Armbänder. Und das pinke Shirt ,,MORE LOVE" ist auch der Hammer!
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra

  • 6 years ago

    Ich persönlich mag den Valentinstag nicht so sehr. Es ist reine Geschäftsmacherei und ich finde man sollte seine Liebsten das ganze Jahr über mit Liebe (!) beschenken.
    Dennoch finde ich den Giftguide toll. Besonders das marmorierte Kosmetiktäschen ist sehr süß.

    Alles Liebe ❤️
    Conny von
    [ a personal LIFE & STYLE Blog ]

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