BEAUTY TALK: 5-minute hairstyles for summer.

By now, most of you guys know that I am not one to go all out in the beauty department. Don’t get me wrong, I love my products and usually never leave the house without my hair and make-up done, but I certainly don’t like to spend hours getting ready.

let’s talk lashes.

To me personally, beauty should always be a very natural thing. I think it is important to embrace your features and focus on what you like best.

red lips.

While I am usually someone who prefers a super simple make-up during the week - especially for a day at the office - I do have to say that I loved the red lips. I am not quite sure what it is about lipstick, but the right color can give your self confidence an instant boost and make you feel kind cool, right?


It definitely isn’t a secret that I am a huge fan of BB creams. I don’t use foundation at all since I don’t love the look with freckles and feel like BB creams provide my skin with just the right amount of coverage and moisture.

BEAUTY TALK: tips for dry & sensitive skin in Winter

I think it is safe to say that the cold and dry air during Winter takes a toll on almost everyone's skin. Now, imagine those surroundings paired with eczema, which basically equals extra dry skin all year long. After in the week in the tropics (which was amazing for my skin), being back to windy Vienna with icy temperatures is quite the challenge...

Berlin Fashion Week: Beauty Trends

Last week, I spent 3 days in Berlin for Fashion Week (photo diary coming up later this week). Aside from the fashion, I also kept my eyes open for a few new beauty trends to watch out for this A/W season. I have to say, I am more than happy with what I saw. "Less is more" seems to be a trending topic ...

More green, please!

Aside from plenty of sleep and relaxation, vacation also means plenty of indulging. A cocktail by the pool, molten chocolate cake and red wine for dessert. A few nachos as an afternoon snack and french toast for breakfast. You know the drill, right? So this week, I am excited about getting back to my healthy routine, ...

BEAUTY TALK: red lips for NYE.

Red is certainly not a color that you'd associate with me and my style. I rarely wear red (except one time last Summer) and usually prefer more muted shades for my lips. New Year's Eve, however, is all about that midnight kiss, and even though red lips certainly aren't the most convenient thing when it comes to kissing, I think that December 31st is the one day a year that red lips should be on everyone's agenda...

BEAUTY TALK: my favorite duty free buys.

While I was recently browsing for a few of my personal beauty must-haves in Düsseldorf, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite duty free buys with you guys! Especially now with Christmas coming up, some of you may need some last-minute gift ideas. Even though I usually just shop for myself, I'd say all of these would make pretty awesome gifts!