BEAUTY TALK: my new favorite eyeshadow palette

One of the things I appreciate most about getting older, is that over the years I have gotten to know myself better. I know what works for me, I understand they way I have to treat my eczema skin to keep it under control and I have learned which colors enhance certain features and which to stay away from...

BEAUTY TALK: dear Bobbi …

Dear Bobbi, thank you for the most perfect shimmer brick ever, thank you for an amazing corrector & concealer, thank you for celebrating natural beauty and thank you for perfecting the nude look we all love so much.

let’s talk brows.

In all honesty, I never really put much effort into my eyebrows until about 2 years ago. I have fairly light brows, which allowed me to go without plucking or waxing for most of my life.

BEAUTY TALK: strobing

Currently, it seems that everyone is raving about a new beauty trend called “strobing”. After years of contouring as the big thing, we’ve now moved on to strobing, which is basically the exact opposite.