OUTFIT: dinner with friends

One of my favorite things during the summer was the weekly girls nights spent on our deck, sipping chilled rosé wine and chatting about anything that crossed our mind.

NEW IN: DVF love is life

On Sunday I showed you guys a pretty phone cover as part of my Valentine’s Cravings. Unfortunately it was only for the iPhone 4s.

CRAVINGS: valentine’s day

With Valentine’s Day less then 3 weeks away I thought it would be fun to put together a little valentines-appropriate wishlist for this week’s Sunday’s Cravings.

OUTFIT: no socks in Madrid

I really don’t like the winter! Sure, it looks pretty when the country is powdered over with snow and I do love wrapping up in a cozy sweater and a cup of roiboos tea BUT nothing beats warmer days when all you need is a blazer rather than a heavy coat and shoes can be worn without socks.

TRAVELS: in Madrid for the C&A “reimagine design challenge”

Last week I was invited to spend 2 days in Madrid with C&A for their Reimagine Design Challenge. The challenge called for 8 young designers from 8 european countries, which have all been assigned the task of designing a piece with nothing but 200 plastic forks, knives and spoons, as well as 200 plastic cups.