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RECIPE: asparagus & strawberry salad

Asparagus & Strawberry Salad Recipe | Bikinis & Passports

From the list of things that go well together: a sore throat & ice cream (on the agenda today), weekends and my bed, or asparagus & strawberries. The latter two were the inspiration for a delicious lunch recipe, after a delivery of regional asparagus and hand-picked strawberries arrived at the office yesterday. I am a huge fan of green asparagus and am excited to see it popping up around the grocery stores again….

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OUTFIT: boat shoes.

OUTFIT: timberland boat shoes SS16 | Bikinis & Passports

Who else is as excited as I am about the fact that the current weather doesn’t require jackets anymore? Even though I’ve been battling a sore throat (and now lack of voice) for the past week, I am so happy about the arrival of Spring. No jackets, no socks, sunnies all day – sounds like a plan, right? For yesterday’s meetings and to-dos, I finally took out my Timberland boat shoes for the first time….

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OUTFIT: nothing special

OUTFIT: nothing special. | Bikinis & Passports

Even though I generally only share 1-2 outfits per week with you guys, that doesn’t mean I don’t get dressed the other days. I usually just pick the look I personally like the most to capture for you guys. Last Friday was one of those “I’m just not feeling it” days. I had spent 2 days sick in bed and was still feeling kind of groggy. Personally I think my outfit also reflects that….

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CRAVINGS: lace bras for every budget.

lace bras for every budget | Bikinis & Passports

Over the past two years, one of my personal favorite trends has been lace bras. In all shapes, colors and sizes. I have grown quite the collection (mostly black and white, though) and wear nothing else. So comfortable and such an amazing accessory at the same time. My current no.1 is definitely the black lace bra by Anine Bing which I’ve been wearing nonstop, but there are also so many other cute options out there….

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