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OUTFIT: mister V

Don’t we all love a happy ending? I, for sure, am a sucker for cheesy stories where everyone ends up happy. Without saying, the same goes for stories that involve myself, especially in combination with the endless hunt for a bag. I think I’ve mentioned the Valentino medium lock bag at least a dozen times here on the blog, I’ve included it in multiple collages and I visited the Valentino boutique here in Vienna on a weekly basis. So what’s the problem, you may wonder? The color!!! Naturally, I had to fall for a color that is constantly (!!) sold out. It’s called p45 – just incase you’re wondering. The most perfect dusty pink. Not too girly, but not too old-fashioned. Love at first sight! Originally I wanted to spoil myself for my birthday, but turns out Mister V had other plans and the bag was not to be found. Then, last Saturday, I had this weird sudden urge to check Net-a-Porter, and sure enough, it was there. Filled with panic, and a super expensive bag in my shopping cart, I called Kathi to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating about the color. Turns out I wasn’t, and the stunning medium lock bag in powder pink is now mine. Luckily my brain turned off for a few seconds before buying it, so I was irrational enough to shop a bag like that on a random Saturday morning, because guess what? In less than 48 hours it was completely sold out again …

valentino medium lock bag | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: lace collar blouse

I know what you’re thinking: “Another trench?!” And while the answer is yes, this post isn’t even so much about that perfect black trench coat for Spring (which I absolutely adore), but rather about my newest addition in the category of white blouses. That lace collar! When I showed it to Kathi before ordering it last week, her instant reply was “Such a Vicky-piece!”. That’s about all the affirmation I needed, and now it is mine. It will be super cute with a pair of cut-offs and a bright lace bra underneath for Summer, but right now I am loving the lace collar blouse paired with my sweaters for that special little touch.

lace collar blouse HALLHUBER | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: spring trench coat

One of the items that is at the very top of my list of Spring Must-Haves this year, is a light trench coat. After a few weeks of searching for the perfect one, I spotted this peach-y version. Love at first sight and ordered in a heart beat. The material is super soft and I love the color, to go with those first few sunny days! Spring has officially begun and I am ready! Happy Sunday 

Asos light trenchcoat for Spring | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: the perfect white skinny jeans

Up until recently, white skinny jeans evoked a whole lot of respect on my part. It seemed that you either had to be a model or Brazilian beach babe for those white pants to look good on you. However, with Spring approaching quickly in Vienna, I had to give the whole thing another try and decided to order this pair last week. They arrived yesterday, fit like a glove and I can officially say that the mission of the perfect white skinny jeans has been accomplished. My favorite part about them? The cut-off seam at the bottom, which shows off the ankles – love that for warmer days!

Topshop Leigh white skinny jeans | Bikinis & Passports

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