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OUTFIT: palazzo

When the weather gets hot in the city, I usually like to wear maxi dresses or skirts for meetings and appointments – but this year it’s all about the palazzo pants for me. In all honesty, I never thought of myself as a “palazzo girl”, but ever since I wore the look for the first time during fashion week in Berlin I just can’t get enough. Palazzo pants are so versatile and a really good light and airy option for hot summer days. I wore this ensemble for a business lunch a while ago and felt appropriately dressed without having to break a sweat. Do you guys like or own palazzo pants?

Outfit: Palazzo Pants - Bikinis & Passports

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VIDEO: 1 dress – 3 looks

During my stay in Berlin for Fashion Week, I met up with the amazing video-team of EDITED.de to shoot a fun project for you guys. Since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, I’ve been trying to optimize my packing skills. Especially when I only go places for 2 days, I prefer to travel with just a carry-on; it saves a lot of time at the airport and forces you to pack smart. For those occasions, I love pieces that are versatile, such as a simple black jersey dress, which works for meetings, some casual sight seeing and even a night out on the town. Simply change up the jacket, shoes and accessories and you’re set for whatever your trip may bring. To give you a better idea of how you could style a simple dress we shot a short video in Berlin – hope you guys like it!

EDITED.de Video: 1 Dress - 3 Looks

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OUTFIT: home office

Even though I don’t go to an office anymore in the mornings, I still try to maintain a structured routine. My alarm usually goes off around 7:30 and then I get up 10-15 minutes later. Sometimes I workout in the mornings, usually I make tea and breakfast. Then I always do my make-up and get dressed, because if you’re working from home it is way too tempting to stay in your PJs all day and never leave the couch. Even though that sounds appealing on some days, I feel far more active and accomplished by the end of the day if I am actually presentable. Obviously I don’t dress up or anything, but a look like this one is my ideal “home office attire” on a rainy summer day. Oh, and incase you’re thinking “Didn’t that Dr. Denim sweater use to be yellow?” – you are right! But it is currently on sale at GIRISSIMA.com and happens to be the perfect summer knit – so having the same piece in 2 colors is totally justified, right?

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OUTFIT: wearing madrid

The Birkenstock discussion is one that definitely polarizes, but I have officially joined team comfort and ordered my first pair of “Madrid” Birkenstocks a few weeks ago. I’ve mostly been wearing them around the neighborhood to run errands (SO comfortable), but also started wearing them more and more with my daily looks. I guess once you go birks you can’t go back … Do you guys own any slides? Or do you think it is a no-go?

Outfit: Madrid Birkenstock - Bikinis & Passports

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