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OUTFIT: janessa leone

If the Instagram accounts you love are anything similar to the ones I follow, then you’ve probably heard of Janessa Leone. A talented young lady from L.A., who happens to make the most amazing hats I have ever seen. After months of lusting over the various models, Kathi and I did some “pretend” shopping online the other day at the office, and picked out all the hats we would theoretically buy. Little did I know that the sneaky lady was busy setting up an amazing group presents for my birthday brunch. So guess what I got from my wonderful friends for my 26th birthday? A hat! A stunning one, that is! Aside from the fact that I adore the fit and shape, it happens to be called Victoria. Pure love. End of story!

Janessa Leone Victoria Hat | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: Milan Fashion Week – Day 1 with AIGNER

On Thurdsday afternoon, I hopped on a plane and headed to beautiful Milano for fashion week. Obviously I’ve been to a few fashion shows throughout the past 5 years as a blogger, but this was my first big fashion week – and it has been excited to say the least! I literally felt so overwhelmed when I was trying to pack my suitcase, which is probably why I packed more for 3 days than for an entire week in Abu Dhabi – but better be safe than sorry, right? One of my personal highlights was spending the day with AIGNER for a visit backstage and then seeing their show. For the first day in the Italian fashion capital, I decided to go with one of my all-time favorite pieces, super torn boyfriend jeans, paired with a stunning AIGNER cape (one word: cashmere!) and a gorgeous burgundy bucket bag from their upcoming a/w collection.

AIGNER Munich Milan Fashion Week | Bikinis & Passport

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OUTFIT: the birthday brunch

The possibilities for a great breakfast in Vienna are almost endless. There are new places popping up all the time and one of our favorite things to do on weekends, is to go out for a long and lazy brunch with friends – which is exactly what I did to celebrate my birthday this year. Obviously a comfy outfit was in order, with a blouse that left enough room for multiple rounds of mimosas and food. And since I was still in an Abu Dhabi mindset, I choose to make use of the amazing weather (yay for 13°C in Feburary) and wore my Chanel espadrilles straight off the plane.

birthday brunch | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: sunshine & sequins

Even though Abu Dhabi is a place with hot weather and plenty of pools, it is also a city with traditions. Dubai is definitely more liberal (from what I can tell), and in Abu Dhabi we also saw a lot more locals around the hotels and restaurants. Hence, I tried to dress appropriately for the weather without showing too much skin. Obviously it is o.k. to wear shorts and bikinis by the hotel pool, but in the public areas, I would personally feel rude to walk around with super bare legs and arms or a ton of cleavage. Throughout the past week, I’ve been trying my best to create a good compromise between my summer wardrobe and respecting the Arabic culture. Aside from the fact that my maxi dress has quite the slit, I think this outfit was definitely my favorite from the vacation, especially because I finally got to wear my pretty ISHARYA hand chain (which I had been saving for this trip)! What do you guys think?

outfit: sunshine & sequins in Abu Dhabi| Bikinis & Passports

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