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OUTFIT: casual coffee run

Here’s a confession: I love grabbing coffee on the go or at cozy cafés - especially on the weekend or on public holidays. Mike has gotten used to the fact that I’d happily pay a few extra Euros for a latte somewhere, rather than drinking a homemade cappuccino on our sofa. After all, we have everything a coffee-loving heart desires at home! And as much as I love my coffee machine, I also adore leaving the house in my favorite comfy clothes for some fresh air and a caffein fix when the rest of the city seems to be lounging at home ♥ Obviously on those days I don’t dress up to leave the house, but prefer to keep things casual with some sweats. Trust me, coffee tastes twice as good when you’re in your favorite leisure wear!

OUTFIT: a cozy coffee run with OnePiece | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: a versatile white blouse + video

I am beyond excited about today’s post. It is one of the most fun projects I have been working on recently! I am happy to share that I have teamed up with s.Oliver and over the next few months I will be sharing my personal brand highlights and must-haves with you guys. To kick-off the collaboration, I chose a topic that I personally love: „1 Piece – 3 Ways To Wear“! The older I get, the pickier I am about the pieces that I add to my closet and think it is important to choose wisely. I love pieces that are versatile, which is probably also the reason that I own 3 pairs of the same black skinny jeans. Another absolute closet must-have, in my opinion, is a white blouse. Preferably a bit oversize. It literally works for almost any occasion and can be worn with tons of other pieces. With the help of Sonja of StyleGuide TV and her assistant Max, we put together a short video clip of how I love to wear my white blouse by s.Oliver. Three different settings with three totally different looks, but all with the same blouse.

OUTFIT: s.Oliver weiße Hemdbluse | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: an urban brunch

If someone had suggested wearing a total white look to me last year, I would have kindly declined. White is a color that tends to intimidate me, mostly for the fear of pouring a big cup of coffee all over myself. However, in the meantime I have realized that covering yourself in coffee looks bad no matter what color you’re wearing, so it might as well be white. While dressing for brunch with Urban Decay today in the morning, I felt daring and picked out all sorts of whites. As of 6pm, I am still doing fine with no coffee stains in sight.

summer whites - brunch with Urban Decay | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: ripped denim for sunny days

This is literally the 3rd time that I have worn this exact outfit. In one week … This super cute top has quickly become my favorite go-to piece for summery days, and last week I finally found a new perfect pair of distressed jeans in light blue denim at Amicis here in Vienna last week (so excited about their huge selection of One Teaspoon). They work well with heels, but are also amazing for those casual summery outfits. Paired with a light scarf, some leo espadrilles and my Janessa Leone hat, this was my look for a Monday at the office.

OUTFIT: ripped denim for sunny days | Bikinis & Passports

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