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OUTFIT: lace sneakers

Why is it, that every time I finally decide that I want something and am actually ready to spend the money, it is too late? Maybe it’s the whole concept of wanting something that we can’t have. The Superga MACRAMEW lace sneakers definitely fall into this category. At first I wasn’t sure if they would work for me, then, when I finally decided to make the purchase it turned into this big ordeal. I ordered a EU 39, which was so big that I may as well have gone for a swim in there … No big deal, I’ll just get a smaller size –  or so I thought. Obviously all small sizes were sold out and all that was left were 41s all around the internet. Long story short: A sweet friend of mine finally found them through an online shop I had never ever heard of and sent me the link and when I got home from Ibiza, the pretty lace sneakers were waiting for me at the office. Happy end!

OUTFIT: Superga MACRAMEW lace sneakers | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: boho style, a love-hate relationship

When it come to bohemian-inspired style, it is a love-hate thing for me. On one hand, I absolutely love the look, especially during Summer – and especially for Ibiza. However, I am still searching for my inner hippie, so boho vibes quickly become a bit overwhelming for me. I love individual pieces like lace-up sandals, a fringe jacket, maxi dress or cute, beaded bag. But mix them all together and it’s too much for me personally. That being said, of course I had to pack a few boho pieces for our trip to Ibiza, one being my kimono jacket. I wore this ensemble with my new bathing suit underneath, but quickly got tired of the kimono so I exchanged it for a simple white blouse later on. Ohh the love-hate relationship with boho style … but at least I managed to snap a few pictures of the look before changing.

OUTFIT: boho style | Bikinis & Passports

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don’t let the sun go down

While Ibiza is mostly known for it’s parties, there is also so much more to the small Spanish island. Idyllic coves, sandy beaches and amazing food awaits. One of my favorite spots on Ibiza is definitely Cotton Beach Club. A stunning white interior, delicious sangria and an even better view are the perfect reason to visit Cala Tarida. We headed to Cotton Beach Club for a late lunch, and then rented beach chairs to spend the remaining afternoon down by the water, waiting for the sun to set. The sunset in Ibiza was literally one of the most stunning ones I have ever seen, and the atmosphere by the beach was magical. But see for yourself:

amazing sunset in Ibiza | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: palm trees & paisley prints

Last week, Kathi and I took off for a few days of sunshine. A short but sweet trip to Ibiza was the perfect way to say goodbye to Summer, recharge our batteries a bit and explore the beautiful island. While I am currently back at the office, wearing multiple layers, including a thick sweater, I’ll try to hold on to those warmer days a bit longer with the posts coming up this week.

First up: One of my favorite looks from Eivissa. Paisley prints are usually something I try my best to stay far away from, but these wide-legged pants have turned out to be a big hit in my closet this Summer. Fun fact: I purchased them in early April, with the thought of how perfect they would be for Ibiza. Little did I know I’d be wearing them on the island just a few months later. I love a touch of boho, but think it is important to balance it out with sleeker items, which is why I paired my new silk blouse by JOUUR with the pants and layered necklaces.

OUTFIT: paisley print pants | Bikinis & Passports

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