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Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer does not only bring a change in wardrobe, it also delivers a subtle adjustment in my go-to beauty products. With sun and heat on the daily, I replace eyeshadows with tanning products, lipstick with my favorite lip balm and stay cool with a spritz of Eau de Beauté. I resort to products that are perfect for an endless summer, yet not limited to the warm season. But let’s face it, everything is better when you are living in a bikini and getting your daily dose of vitamin D, which is exactly why these products make my heart skip a beat at the moment. I am not sure whether the is the actual products or the sunny season is to blame – either way, these are my personal summer beauty essentials that I am currently loving.

wearing: Kapten and Son x Lena Gercke “waikiki” sunglasses, Sommer.Swim bikini

Summer Beauty Essentials: Chanel L'Eau Tan & more | Bikinis & Passports

  • Chanel L’eau Tan: The must-have accessory of the season? Bronzed skin! However, bronzed does not mean burnt (nothing unsexier than that lobster red) and now-a-days it doesn’t even require any sunshine for that matter. The Chanel L’eau Tan is a refreshing body mist. It delivers freshness and hydration with a warm, cologne-inspired scent and progressively enhances the skin’s natural golden glow. For the first few days I used it daily after the shower, now I use it twice per week to keep the glow going. It is different than traditional self-tanning products in multiple ways. First of all, no bad scent what so ever. Seriously! I couldn’t believe it myself. Secondly, it is much more subtle and definitely requires a few application in order for the bronze to appear. However, that also prevents streaks and other self-tanning faux pas from happening. A big winner in my books – as you might be able to tell by the half empty bottle…
    Inspired by Mademoiselle’s L’Huile Tan released in 1932, this mist is presented in a modern interpretation of the iconic bottle.
  • Eisenberg Paris Sublime Tan Face & Body Oil SPF 6: I usually don’t do well with oils but love this product so (!) much. It definitely doesn’t come cheap at 50€ per bottle (gone through my second one already…) but is one of my all-time favorite companions for a day in the sun. Obviously the SPF 6 is not enough for all-day tanning, however, it leaves the skin sublimely soft and moisturised and with a divine tan. I always wondered why my sensitive skin did so well with the Sublime Tan oil, until I read that it maintains cutaneous hydration, has an anti-redness and soothing effect, whilst protecting the skin from free radicals. Maybe that also explains the price. The only downside? It is super hard to get. I used to order mine via Douglas but it seems they recently took the brand out of the portfolio. If you have any idea where I could get it – please let me know!
  • Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm: For about a year now, I have been a fan of the Smith’s rosebud lip salve. When I recently wanted to re-stock it, the classic rosebud was sold out. As a huge mint-fan, I opted for the minted rose instead. Major love. Not as necessary now as during cold winter, but still with me every single day.
  • Caudalie Eau de Beauté: No matter is summer or winter, as an in-flight must-have or a night-time ritual, the Eau de Beauté is incredible. I love it to freshen up on a hot day, to create a spa-like atmosphere before going to bed or to keep my skin fresh will traveling. I am currently on my 4th bottle (the first 3 were the small travel size, though) and am pretty sure I will have to purchase backup before summer is over! What is the beauty elixir by Caudalie used for? To smooth away fine lines, tighten pores, set make-up and to boost your skin’s radiance. Yes please to all of the above!
  • Playa Ritual Hair Oil: My hair is as dry as my skin, which is why I am a major hair oil junkie. I use it after every wash in damp hair and sometimes at the beach before I pull my hair back in a bun. I’ll be honest, this purchase was solely based on the visual appeal of the Playa branding (good job, you got me!), but luckily the oil is not only well-packaged but also really good at what it is supposed to do! The weightless blend (different texture than most other hair oils I own) of natural oils penetrates deeply to radically transform your hair without the use of harmful silicones. Apricot, kukui, and our proprietary derived coconut oil blend restores moisture to soften strands; sunflower oil tames frizz and makes hair shine. Perfect to treat the hair after lots of sun and salt water!

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