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last-minute gift ideas under 50€

last-minute gift ideas under 50€

Less than a week until Christmas – how crazy is that? I still have a few last presents left to get, but am pretty much all set for this year. It is not always easy to find the perfect gifts for everyone, but there are certain “ever greens” that I always go back to. The best part? All of these are under 50€! When I am not entirely sure what to get others, I always end up picking things I’d love to receive myself. At least, that way I can ensure it really is something I enjoy giving. Yesterday, for example, we were invited for brunch with friends in Berlin. We wanted to bring flowers but didn’t really know what their taste was. I ended up choosing 10 white roses which I would honestly love on my own dining table. Turns out their main color-scheme in the flat is white and they were a perfect fit. Long-story short: The chances that your friends will love things you love are pretty high. After all, you must have some common ground (such as hobbies, taste or interests). That’s why I put together some last-minute gift ideas under 50 € for you guys. The best part? For all of these gifts you won’t need to know your friends’ sizes, skin types or other specifics.

  • Yoga Mat: One of my favorite thing this past year was taking yoga classes with friends. Usually combined with breakfast or dinner dates afterwards. So how about gifting your friend with a yoga class at your favorite studio (usually around 15-17€) and this super cool yoga mat. Because “after this we’re getting pizza”. 30,00€ (2 days left for free shipping in time for Christmas)
  • M.A.C. Lipliner: This is my personal beauty favorite of the year. Not because I used it the most or because it has some magical powers to make my skin glow like a unicorn, but rather because I finally (!!) managed to find the perfect shade of red for myself. Ruby Woo by MAC comes in close 2nd, but the “he said she said” lipliner is definitely my favorite red of 2016 and I think it is one of those hues that simply works for everyone. 21,50€
  • Scented Candles by Jo Malone or Diptyque: I’ll let you in on a little secret. I keep a few scented candles on stock at home for spontaneous invites. Personally, I can never have too many scented candles and it is one of my favorites gifts to receive – that’s why I also love giving it. The perfect ever-green present or hostess gift – especially during the holidays! A few favorites are Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone, Roses by Diptyque are always a good idea (like a bouquet of flowers that wont welk) or my current favorite, Pomander also by Diptyque. 46,00 – 52,00€
  • Anthropologie Bottle Openers: While the past few years have been all about those super popular monogram mugs (only 11€) from Anthropologie, this year I am loving their kitchen accessories as gifts, such as these beautiful crystal bottle openers or these cocktail shakers. 21,00€ (order today before noon for guaranteed shipping in time for Christmas)
  • Avocado Cookbook: Ok, let’s be real. Avocados were the it-thing to have in 2016. And for good reason – they are so yumm! That’s why this cookbook is the must-have gift for your avo-obessed friends. Possibly paired with a bag full of perfectly ripe avocados. They’ll love you forever! 13,49€ (order before December 22nd for delivery in time for the 24th)


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