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Sequin Season

If there is ever an appropriate time to wear sequins, this is it. “This” being the last days of the year. While it does not take a whole lot of convincing to get me to put on a little something sparkling, I do realize that sequins may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Or better yet, fabric of choice. The holidays, however, are an exception. If you have never given sequins a go, now is your time to shine. Literally! Yes, they can be tacky. Yes, they can be mistaken for a walking disco ball. And yes, you may draw some extra attention to your stellar dance moves. But let’s face it: sequins and the festive season go together like Kim and Kanye.

How To Style A Sequin Skirt - Bikinis & Passports

Having said that, knowing how to style a sequin skirt (or any sequin piece for that matter) makes it a lot easier to feel comfortable in a glittery look. For me personally, there are 3 rules on how to style sequins that I live by.

3 Tips On How To Style a Sequin Skirt:

  • Balance: For every fancy sequin piece, try to add something slightly more casual than expected to the mix. I decided to balance out the skirt with a fringed knit. It is not something you would usually wear with a dressy skirt and heels, but it instantly adds balance (and comfort) to the look.

  • Cover Up: Generally speaking, I am not one to show much skin, so this is a given most of the time. When wearing sequins, however, I purposely cover up. Sequins scream “hey look at me” enough as it is – no need for extra attention with a super short skirt or an accidental nip slip due to a revealing top.

  • The Palette: I feel like muted colors always add elegance and sophistication. First, I tried this exact look with red velvet mules (I blame Santa Clause…) but the ensemble felt too forced. With the sleeker, but just as festive heels (hello pretty bow!), the outfit instantly looked much more elegant and in chime.

outfit details: EDITED sequin skirt (all sizes available here), WEEKEND MAX MARA fringe sweater, JIMMY CHOO heels, MANGO earrings

sequins sequins sequins


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  • 5 years ago

    Eine wunderschöne Kombination!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • VICKY
      5 years ago

      Danke dir – werde ich die kommenden 3 Wochen sicher noch öfter so tragen 🙂

  • 5 years ago

    LOVEEEE the outfit Vicky <3

  • andie
    5 years ago

    Sehr schöner Look Vicky, und natürlich super passend für Dezember!Liebe Grüße aus München Andie

  • Raphaela
    5 years ago

    Liebe Vicky,
    der Pailettenrock steht dir ausgezeichnet. Ich find aber die Heels noch einen Ticken besser! 🙂
    Welche Tasche würdest denn zu diesem Outfit kombinieren? ?
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  • enjoy.the.silence
    5 years ago

    Toll vorallem wenn Frau eine schmale Hüfte hat wie Du! Mega Fotos!!!

    • VICKY
      5 years ago

      Haha du bist lieb, aber ich hab ehr weibliche Hüften – der Rock ist einfach ziemlich vorteilhaft geschnitten oder täuscht durch den großen Pulli 🙂
      xox Vicky

  • 5 years ago

    Wow, richtig tolles Outfit! Du siehst so wunderschön aus.
    Danke für die Inspo und die Verlinkungen zu den Kleidern, ich wollte schon immer so ein Kleid haben.
    Liebe Grüße,
    Sandra /

    • VICKY
      5 years ago

      Ohh bin gespannt welches es geworden ist!
      xox Vicky

  • Birgit
    5 years ago

    der rock ist der hammer und du siehst so cool aus in dem outfit

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