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HEALTHY LIVING: September update …

HEALTHY LIVING: September update …

Since the last fitness/health related post seemed to catch a lot of your guys’ attention, I wanted to give you a quick update. I know a lot of you have been asking about my other meals aside from dinner and also wanted an update – so here it is!
First of all, I’ve been skipping carbs for dinner for almost 3 weeks now and so far I’ve lost a little over a kilo. I can tell I am the typ of person for who those carbs really do make a difference, so I am excited to see the results after the entire month. In terms of sticking to my plan of not eating carbs for dinner and drinking at least 2.5L of water every day, I’ve only achieved one of those goals … believe it or not, but drinking enough water really is a struggle for me. I literally forget about it, and then by the time I come home from work, all I’ve had all day is a venti latte, which by no means is healthy. So for the second half of September I’ll try a bit harder as far as hydrating goes. The funny thing is, I really don’t have a problem with the “no carbs for dinner” rule. At first I thought it would be hard to come up with meals, but I am actually really enjoying lighter dinners and I also feel better when I go to bed. I can even imagine sticking to that rule once September is over. In the past 19 days I’ve made one exception, which was this past Tuesday. It was our 7-year anniversary and Mike surprised me with a 9-course dinner at an amazing restaurant – pretty good reason for an exception, right? Also, by accident I served myself some potato salad at a salad bar last weekend, which I had one bite of before realizing that I was eating carbs – it’s not that I am trying to stick to it like crazy, but I actually caught myself smiling at the situation. So apart from those 2 nights, I’ve been eating carb-free dinners.

typical breakfast: smoothie with banana, mango & raspberries

Here are some of the meals I’ve recently had for dinner:

– smoked salmon with hard boiled eggs and a bit of sliced onion
oven omlette
– lots of mixed salads
– steak with a side of spinach instead of potatos
– grilled jumbo shrimp
– moroccan chicken with a mint-yogurt-dip and some hummus (find the recipes HERE)
– asia beef with wok veggies (at a restaurant, I simply ordered it without the rice)

As you can tell, these are actual meals and I always eat portions that are big enough to fill me up until bedtime. I know some of you have also been asking about my other meals, which haven’t really changed at all. I always start my day with a fruit smoothie that I bring to work, or a venti skinny latte which I pick up on my way to work. I am not a huuuge early breakfast person, so that usually keeps me full until lunchtime. For lunch I’ll eat anything I feel like. A lot of the time that is a salad or sandwich, but sometimes I also have pasta or pizza, and even some ice cream for dessert. In other words: I am really not restricting myself from anything. If you guys have any more questions, simply comment below and I’ll try to answer them all 🙂

weekend breakfast

lunch: arugula salad with watermelon & feta cheese


  • M.M
    10 years ago

    Ich finde deine entspannte Sicht auf diese “cheat-meals” sehr angenehm.
    ZZ wird man ja auf verschiedenen Blogs und Instagram Accounts mit Vegan/Clean Eating etc derart bombardiert, dass man bei jedem Bissen ein schlechtes Gewissen bekommt 😉
    Trinkst du am Abend dann auch einen Smoothie? Oder jeden Abend einen Salat?
    Danke dir und lg 🙂

    • vicky
      10 years ago

      Hi M.M,

      Nee abends trink ich selten einen Smoothie, da zu viel Obst am Abend ja auch nicht so gut ist. Im Post hab ich eh angeführt was ich Abends so esse 🙂 Viel Hühnchen, ab und zu Steak, gegrillter Gemüse, Räucherlachs & gekochte Eier, usw.

      xox Vicky

  • Steffi
    10 years ago

    Ich verfolge deinen Blog schon lange und lese ihn wirklich sehr gerne. Vor allem deine Food Posts mag ich sehr 🙂
    Eine Frage hab ich aber: Kennst du vielleicht ein Kochbuch mit Carb free Rezepten? Und ist das auf dem oberen Bild Pumpernickel?

    Lg Steffi

  • Anika
    10 years ago

    I totally get you here, the “no carbs for dinner” rule works perfectly for me too. And once you try to come up with new carb-free recipes it becomes really fun and easy to skip them. Sometimes I skip the rule though, one shouldn’t be too restrictive about that, it’s only food after all 🙂

  • Ingrid
    10 years ago

    Sieht wirklich lecker aus. Jetzt habe ich Hunger. Ich wollte immer schon einmal probieren eine Zeit lang vegan zu leben. Dies soll sich z. b. sehr positiv auf die Haut auswirken. Jedoch schaffe ich das irgendwie nicht. Hast du schon einmal probiert dich rein vegan zu ernähren?

    Lg Ingrid

  • Lisa
    10 years ago

    Hey Vicky,

    naschst du denn auch mal zwischendurch Schokolade oder so etwas? Wenn ja, jeden Tag?

    Liebe Grüße

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