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Gift Guide: Under 30€

With Christmas just 4 days away, I am proud to say that I have every single present ready to go. Some have already been handed out to friends whom I won’t see until the new year, or my favorite guy, who took off to Vancouver a week earlier than me. One of his presents was a pair of noise cancelling headphones, which I wanted him to have for the long flight. Other than that everything is set for my family on the 24th. If you’re not quite as ready to go, then I have some last-minute gift ideas under 30 € for you today. Showing someone your appreciation with a gift for the holidays doesn’t always have to mean spending tons of money. Smaller, personal gifts are just as amazing, if you ask me!

  • Soiree Noire Mug: Whether you have a secret santa at work or a coffee-loving friend, stylish mugs are always a great gift idea on a budget! Black & white stripes with a hint of gold – doesn’t get much better!
  • Lace Triangle Bra: How about a little something delicate for your sistercat in her early twenties? Or that single bestie? Personally, I love giving everything that I would buy for myself, this bralet included!
  • Diamond Drop Earrings: My sister recently spoiled me with these earrings (outfit post coming up tomorrow) and I think they are so unique and special. Surely all of your friends would appreciate these amazing earrings. By the way, they also come in black!

Do you have any last-minute gift ideas under 30 Euro to share?

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