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CRAVINGS: Oktoberfest-ready

As you guys know, I’ll be heading to the Oktoberfest exactly 10 days from today (yay!!) and I can’t wait to see what the fuzz is all about. Plus, I’ll be spending the day with 10 fellow blogger ladies from Germany, which makes it even better! I already showed you my beautiful Hallhuber Dirndl HERE (which btw is also available in the Zalando Dirndl-Shop) and shared a little hair tutorial HERE – so now it’s time to accessorize. Even though I decided on a delicate necklace for my look, I also feel that the Oktoberfest is a perfect opportunity to wear something big and glitzy. For today’s cravings, I decided to put together my actual choices, as well as a second option I’d love to wear! Which one would you choose? Simply click on the products below to shop the look:

1) Currently I am all about delicate jewelry and feel like a heart necklace is perfect for the Oktoberfest.

2) The Love Moschino clutch was love at first sight because of the pattern. I don’t know why it caught my eye, but I love it!

3) These ASH boots don’t really require any explanation – favorite buy ever!

4) I feel like crossbody bags are the best option when it comes to the Oktoberfest, or any party for that fact. Your hands are free to hold a giant mug of beer and you can dance without having to set-down your bag. This option is a bit simpler than my choice, in case you don’t like the pattern.

5) A Dirndl usually has a fairly deep neckline (read: lots of cleavage), which is kind of the perfect opportunity to wear a big statement necklace like this one.

6) For those of you who don’t like the boots with the look, a classy pair of heels will definitely do the trick!



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