OUTFIT: modern tradition

A few weeks ago our (Mike & my) godson was baptized and for the occasion all guests were asked to wear “Tracht”, which is the traditional Austrian clothing –

OUTFIT: pink on pink

I am back from Paris and have about a million photos to sort through from our ahh-mazing Louis Vuitton experience. So before I tell you guys about our 2 days of exploring the #LVsecretplaces, I wanted to share this outfit from 2 weeks ago with you.

OUTFIT: earthy neutrals

At the moment I am absolutely loving neutrals – I don’t know if it is because my skin finally has a bit of color or because I simply grew tired of really bright colors (although some days I still wake up craving bright pink or yellow!).

NEW IN: stunning statement earrings

Those of you that saw last week’s Sunday Cravings may recognize these beautiful babies! I fell in love with them the instant I saw them on Girissima.com and when I got back to Vienna last week I had an amazing surprise waiting for me in the mailbox.

OUTFIT: neon & olive

This will probably be the only outfit post from our holiday, since my daily uniform is a bathing suit, and by the time we usually get ready for dinner it is already dark.