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Baby Got Boots!

It’s that (dreaded) time of the year again. The time when even I have to come to terms with the fact that bare ankles will no longer do outside the comfort of our heated apartment. With temperatures dropping below freezing over night and a few snow days already, it is time to gear up on those winter boots. Which is not necessarily my strong suit, I have to admit! While I am usually faced with the problem of too little choices that fulfil my endless list of requirements, this year I encountered a slightly different problem as I was browsing to tackle my lack of winter-appropriate footwear… too many choices I instantly fell for. That’s a first! Much to the dismay of my bank account. I blame mytheresa and their endless selection of designers and incredibly tempting black boots (and fast shipping – I love!). From lace-up boots to overknees. From sleek leather or soft suede or cozy shearling. From comfortable flats to hot heels. They have got you covered! A little too covered, if you ask me. While I was only planning to invest in one new pair of boots this seasons, a few more options miraculously crept into my shopping cart.

Black Winter Boots: Stuart Weitzmann Clinger Suede Boots, mytheresa - Bikinis & Passports

How to shop for black winter boots?

  • The Purpose: First things first. What occasions will you be wearing the boots for? If you need a good boot for the office, I would recommend a timeless black smooth leather (chelsea) boot. Possibly even with a slight heel. However, stay away from shearling lined boots as they will have your feet enjoying a sauna session while you are seated at your desk most of the day.
  • The Budget: Let’s not kid ourselves, the budget is always part of the game. While I have learned that investing in a good pair of shoes is definitely worth it (my favorite motto to preach: cost-per-wear), there are more realistic price ranges and others that may turn your search into mission impossible. For a really good, beautiful pair of designer boots, I would calculate somewhere between 400-800€. 
  • The Style: At this point, we have figured out how much we want to spend and what we need the black winter boots for. Now, which of those 1.095 boots is the right one for your personal style? The first pair of pricey Prada winter boots I bought are a pretty good example of how I like to shop for my style. 90% of the time you will catch me in denim and knits during Winter. Just like 90% of the time I wear flat shoes throughout the week. I wanted something that was warm (shearling lining), had a sturdy sole (bye bye slip and slide) and had a lace-up combat look but still felt suitable for a meeting at the office when paired with a blazer. Unless you already have 10 pairs of black winter boots lined up in your closet, go for a boot that goes with what you wear most of the time. I am always so tempted to splurge on eye-catching heels (read: red velvet, sequins and bows), but in reality those are the shoes that get the least wear. Hence, go for a style that is timeless without being boring. Since I got those flat, lace-up boots out of the way last season, I was on the lookout for a slightly more elegant but equally versatile and comfortable pair this year. Something with a heel, but walkable. Something that would work during the day just as well as at night for more elegant occasions.

Judging by the fact that my new Stuart Weitzman Clinger suede boots have been in use daily from office time to Christmas parties and Sundays in the city, it is safe to say that I have found my personal dream (heeled) black winter boots this season!

outfit details: STUART WEITZMAN suede boots (also available in brown, white, red & blush pink), GANNI coat (on sale!), JOSEPH turtleneck, RE/DONE jeans, VALENTINO bag, PRADA sunglasses

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