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CRAVINGS: black marble & more.

CRAVINGS: black marble & more.

It has been almost 10 months now since we started looking for a place to call our own. And as you’ve probably guessed – without much success so far. There is one place we find ourselves going back to again and again (just had the 3rd viewing this week), but quite frankly it is a bit over budget. Plus, we’d have to re-do the bathroom, would love to add a window for the kitchen, install spot-lighting everywhere and build a fire place. Meaning: ever more over budget. Funny enough, in my mind I am already decorating the place – obviously with all new furniture. Because when you’re already over budget, you might as well really go for it, right?

There are so many ideas in my head, a Pinterest board that is exploding with inspo and a list of cravings that is growing daily. While I have no idea if we will find the perfect abode any time soon, I do know that the stunning black marble coffee table should be arriving any day now, since I ordered it before Christmas. It’ll also look great in our current place, so at least I’ll have some new interior content for you guys soon – with or without a new apartment! Black marble coffee table inspiration coming your way…

Impressionen blush pink pillow case: Some of you may have already spotted the pink velvet pillows we have had on our couch for a few months now. I love the look with the gray rug and think we could use a bit more blush pink, especially one the black marble table arrives.

Serax cactus vase: A bit of a tropical vibe is always a great idea. For everyone who doesn’t have much of a green thumb (like me), this vase may be a good alternative to the real stuff!

Westwing marble coffee table: After almost 5 years of a class coffee table, I was ready for something new. I used to want every single thing in our apartment to be bright and white, but lately I am loving heavier textures and some darker colors. Can’t wait for this new addition! Speaking of which, we’ll be selling our current coffee table (seen here) – so feel free to shoot me an email if you are interested!

KARE velvet chair: Ok, I can’t get over this chair. I shared it over on The Daily Dose for my birthday wishlist today, and while I have absolutely NO idea where to put it in our current apartment, I am fairly sure I need it in my life!

Impressionen cozy throw: Amongst most of my interior and “living” pins, I spotted a common theme of a super cozy throw or sheepskin rug draped over chairs, in the bathroom or on the sofa. Love the color of this one!

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  • Jessy
    7 years ago

    Wieder mal eine super tolle Auswahl. Bin immer wieder aufs neue von deinem Geschmack begeistert.
    Ich wünsche Euch viel Erfolg auf der weiteren Suche nach einem neuen Heim und hoffe ihr müsst nicht mehr allzulange suchen.
    Wie sich der Tisch in eurer jetztigen Wohnung einfügt – ich bin gespannt. 🙂
    Und ich würde dich vom Fleck weg arrangieren, wärst Du Interior

  • sallida
    7 years ago

    Love the combination of colors and textures!

  • 7 years ago

    Ich würde sagen, da nehme ich einmal bitte alles! Gerade auch dieses Samt-Ding finde ich momentan mega-cool. Obwohl ich auch ein bisschen Angst hätte, dass es nach ein paar Jahren nicht mehr angesagt ist und man sich wieder eine neue Couch für viel Geld holen muss.

    Liebe Grüße,
    Anne von

  • 7 years ago

    Es sind richtig schöne Stücke bei, liebe Vicky. Ich mag den Sessel voll gerne.

    Liebe Grüße
    Katja | C’est Levi on Instagram

  • […] After 10 weeks of patience, the newest addition to our home finally arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! While I always loved our glass coffee table, I was slowly starting to feel a bit bored with all the light colors in our living room. White kitchen, white dining table, ghost chairs, a white rug, light gray couch and glass coffee table… That’s why I decided to order this black marble coffee table back in December to add a bit of a contrast to the living room. (Remember this post?) […]

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