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BEAUTY: sun exposure & protection

Beauty Talk: Sun Protection with La Roche-Posay UV-Patch | Bikinis & Passports

Generally speaking, my skin type falls into the category of “easy to get burnt”. Freckles, fair skin and blue eyes don’t necessarily speak for a southern type and I definitely don’t tan easily. Luckily though, I am pretty good at taking care of my skin and protecting it from getting burnt. I don’t think sunburns are cool and get mad at myself if even my nose is pink at the end of a day spent outside by the beach or pool….

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TRAVEL: a waltz through vienna.

TRAVEL: a waltz through vienna - InterContinental Insider Experience Vienna | Bikinis & Passports

I am not one to shy away from telling others how much I love my beautiful hometown Vienna. It seems that the longer I live here, the more the love grows. Aside from all the history and stunning architecture, Vienna is a city that feels welcoming and charming. It is international with over 1 million inhabitants but not too big to lose yourself in the city. To me, it is the perfect place to call home! …

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FITNESS: triaction.

Triumph Triaction Sport BH | Bikinis & Passports

During our fitness retreat on Mallorca back in May, we had Svjetlana, a personal trainer, with us all week. Aside from the fact that she is one of the sweetest and funnies ladies I have ever met, she also took so much time to sit down with all of us individually to talk about nutrition and fitness. She analyzed our different body types, helped us find exercises to achieve our personal goals and gave us tips about ways to improve our diet without actually dieting….

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OUTFIT: on Berlin time.

Larsson & Jennings German Online Store | Bikinis & Passports

While Fashion Week is currently going on in Berlin, I am already back in Vienna. I did, however, spend the weekend in Berlin, which was absolutely amazing. Since Mike had his company’s summer party in the city on Friday and I had some meetings on Monday, we decided to stay the entire weekend. After being wait-listed for the Soho House (our all-time favorite hotel), we got lucky and scored a room 2 days before heading to Berlin….

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