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OUTFIT: sporty habits

Don’t ask me why, but my scale is currently trying to make me mad. I am not one to weigh myself on a daily basis since I have been around the same weight for a long time (which I am happy with). However, at the beginning of the Summer I started a new intense workout and have been SO good for the past 2 months. I’ve exercised between 3-5x per week and eaten fairly healthy. I was expecting to drop a pound or two before our trip to Portoroz, but instead gained some … So how do you stay motivated and keep yourself from eating cheeseburgers like there is no tomorrow? Cute workout gear! Seriously, it probably sounds so simple, but every time I add a new piece of workout clothing or equipment to my collection I get super excited about the first good sweat in it! Like my new Puma windbreaker, which I couldn’t wait to take out on a run earlier this week. Paired with a simple black and white look (which resembles most of my workout clothes) it adds the perfect highlight – not to mention the rosé gold zipper ♥ Soo, drumroll please for my new motivator:

Puma Windbreaker / Track Jacket - Bikinis & Passports

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BEAUTY TALK: a new york lovestory … MYNY

Ohh, New York! There is something so magical about the city, and it is simply like no other place in the world. So impressive, so timeless, so eclectic, so fast, so beautiful, … so New York! I am 100% a city girl and couldn’t imagine not being surrounded by lots of pretty buildings, the hustle and bustle of other people around me and the endless possibilities (especially when it comes to food) a city has to offer on a daily basis. I’ve been to NYC twice and currently the destination is more present than ever, since my good friend Victoria just moved there with her hubby – what better excuse to plan another trip soon, right? Until then, I’ve got MYNY right in my pocket with the new DKNY scent: girly yet grown up – fresh and flowery but also timeless and rich – cool yet classy! MYNY is for every girl, no matter what your lovestory with New York City is like ♥

Bikinis & Passports for DKNY - MYNY Perfume

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OUTFIT: bug-a-boo

Recently I’ve found a whole new appreciation for simplicity. Denim and an oversized white linen shirt or black skinny jeans and a silky blouse are all I need to feel comfortable and confident. However, when I head out the door I always like to add a little something special. Whether it is a pair of leo flats, a pretty statement necklace or a super cute clutch with a little crystal bug on it – I feel like it instantly makes the outfit complete! On Tuesday Kathi and I were busy doing taxes for The Daily Dose (umm not very glamorous) but for a quick coffee run I decided to take the pretty Wilbur & Gussie “Charlie Oyster Silk Clutch” out for a spin – another amazing sale find on GIRISSIMA.com at -70% off!

Wilbur & Gussie clutch via GIRISSIM.com - Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: home office

Even though I don’t go to an office anymore in the mornings, I still try to maintain a structured routine. My alarm usually goes off around 7:30 and then I get up 10-15 minutes later. Sometimes I workout in the mornings, usually I make tea and breakfast. Then I always do my make-up and get dressed, because if you’re working from home it is way too tempting to stay in your PJs all day and never leave the couch. Even though that sounds appealing on some days, I feel far more active and accomplished by the end of the day if I am actually presentable. Obviously I don’t dress up or anything, but a look like this one is my ideal “home office attire” on a rainy summer day. Oh, and incase you’re thinking “Didn’t that Dr. Denim sweater use to be yellow?” – you are right! But it is currently on sale at GIRISSIMA.com and happens to be the perfect summer knit – so having the same piece in 2 colors is totally justified, right?

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