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“the one”

When it comes to men, I am lucky to have found “the one” more than 8 years ago. But as we all know, for women, it is not always a male counterpart when we talk about “the one”. Finding the perfect bra seems to be a never-ending mission for most ladies. Luckily, that mission has been marked as completed in my case. Unlike what most would think “the one” to be (usually a simple version in black or white), for me it is the “sensual essence” lace bra by Triumph. I had no idea how much I would love it, until I actually noticed that I was wearing it every single day – especially during Summer (seen HERE). Pure comfort, just the right amount of sexy and a beautiful color – what more could you want! Triumph recently launched a campaign all about finding “the one”, and guess who I spotted? One of my favorite ladies from Stuttgart, who happens to be a fellow blogger. Triumph has made it their mission, to provide the perfect service to find “the one” for all women out there. With their #standupforfit campaign, they want to help us say good-bye to uncomfortable lingerie, and introduce us to all of our favorite pieces with helpful tools to find your perfect size and fit. Worked for me! And I hope it’ll also work for you!

Triumph Lingerie "the one" | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: a night at the Opera

Some experiences are simply #bucketlist worthy. Whether or not you live in Vienna, the Opera Ball is definitely one of those things. Every year, I’ve followed along on TV, but always imagined what I would be like to actually be there. Well, this year I got to experience the ball. Naturally, one of the most important things for the night was finding the perfect dress. Back in December I already shared a little preview, and today I can finally show you the entire look, shot with the stunning Opera in the background! Since so many of you asked: I found the dress at Peek & Cloppenburg and it is by the Jora Collection. The selection of dresses at the cocktail departments of both P&C stores here in Vienna is amazing, and I actually had a hard time choosing just one dress… But once I put on the peachy nude dress with the embellished body, it was love at first sight. Timeless and elegant, just the right amount of sparkle and an almost perfect fit (I had it altered just a little around the waist and the length adjusted to my heels).

MAXIMILIAN SALZER FOTOGRAFIE I www.maximiliansalzer.at

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Be mine, Mr. Valentine!

In the 8 years that Mike and I have been together, we have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Why? Certainly not because we don’t love each other, but rather because my birthday has always been the next day – and that probably won’t change anytime soon. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, it is all about blowing out candles, toasting with bubbly and receiving presents. None-the-less, I am still an absolute sucker for everything that includes a few hearts and lots of pink. Feel free to guess what my birthday decor usually looks like! Just because Mike and I don’t celebrate the 14th, doesn’t mean I don’t treat myself to a little something pink. This year, we’ll be in Abu Dhabi (= lots of sunshine) and I can’t wait to wear my new Valentine’s ensemble from Triumph Lingerie underneath a light and airy top, which will show of just a hint of that pretty pink embroidery. Who cares what the boys think about Valentine’s Day when we can spoil ourselves with pretty lingerie, right?

Triumph Lingerie Valentines Day | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: brunch on Sundays

Today has been somewhat of a blur. Too much fun last night, a tad too much vodka and way too little sleep. A combination that I don’t enjoy much, to be honest (at least not the results), but every once in a while it is ok to celebrate that typical hung over Sunday. Luckily, we had made plans with friends to go out to brunch today, which was just what I needed. A hot shower, some fresh air and true comfort food in form of a Mexican breakfast. Admittedly, my outfit was not as stylish as this one, but that’s what cravings are for, right? A simple combination of denim, a silky white blouse and sweater with some ankle boots and a delicate bangle make for pretty darn good brunch attire – if you ask me.

sunday brunch with GIRISSIMA.com | Bikinis & Passports

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