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Beauty Talk: Split End Repair

Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair - Bikinis & Passports

I have a confession to make: it has been more than 4 months since I last paid a visit to the hairdresser. Usually, I try to make an appointment every 3 months or so, but lately my schedule has been so packed, that quite frankly I haven’t been able to make the time. Luckily, I have learned to take good care of my hair over the years – something I definitely take great pride in – and honestly, there is no sight of split ends [insert pat on back here]….

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JEWELLERY: make it personal.

MY DESIGN - ANNA Inspiring Jewellery | Bikinis & Passports

It is definitely no secret how much I adore ANNA Inspiring Jewellery. It all started with a delicate roségold bracelet with a diamond heart and our initials engraved that Mike got me for my birthday years ago. Over the years, I have added rings, necklaces, more bracelets and even ear cuffs to my collection. All of which I usually wear day & night. You’ll never see me without my beloved Milkyway star ring on the right ring finger or the roségold ear cuff on my left ear….

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HEALTHY LIVING: yoga with myClubs.

myClubs Doktor Yoga | Bikinis & Passports

Some of you may remember the yoga phase I was going through back in the Summer with my 30-day challenge. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now, sometimes weekly, other times not for months. Sometimes it was a yin yoga class, then it was hot yoga. I tried private lessons and classes with 4o people. It took me a while (and a small fortune) to find the right yoga studio for me personally, but luckily Vienna has so much to offer when it comes to fitness and different sports or studios….

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OUTFIT: treat yourself.

OUTFIT: Pandora Treat Yourself | Bikinis & Passports

As we are slowly but surely creeping up on the end of the year, it is time to start thinking about Christmas presents. I love gifting others and am proud to say that it is November 7th today and I already have my boyfriend and best friend covered for this year. Way ahead of the game, right? As much as I love surprising other’s with the perfect present, I am also a firm believer in treating yourself to celebrate accomplishments and to remind yourself of the success you’ve had….

Treat Yourself With These Sparkles

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