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#myringstyle with Pandora + giveaway

It feels ages ago, that I hopped on a plane to Hamburg for a very special project. You guys know how much I love my dainty jewelry and staking thin rings or layering necklaces – which is why I was more than excited to shoot the new #MyRingStyle campaign for Pandora together with 4 lovely ladies (Nina, Leonie, Lena & Sylvia). The outcome is nothing short of amazing and I am so happy to finally get to share the post with you guys today – as well as a fun giveaway, where one lucky reader will get to win my exact set of rings as worn on the pictures.

PANDORA: #myringstyle | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: olympea

After an amazing 3 days in northern Germany last week, my head is filled with inspiration and my heart is full of appreciation. Not only because we got to talk about nature, trends and fashion with the trend forecaster Gemma Gambee or because my job allows me to travel a lot and experience so many incredible things around the world, but mostly because of the girls that I get to spend time with along the way. I have met so many true friends on this journey, and the 3 days at Schloss Ulrichshusen last week were a serious reminder of that. To me, those girls are not only smart, independent and very good-looking, but also incredibly inspiring. Kind of like muses – or modern day goddesses.

OUTFIT: olympea by Paco Rabanne | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: time for rain

After weeks of nothing but sunshine and blazing hot temperatures, we finally got some rain here in Vienna. Aside from the fact that the plants on our deck are no longer thirsty, it also felt good to dig out my favorite pair of black skinny jeans again. For an easy-going office look, I stuck to basics in black and added a boho-inspired jacket as well as my new Larsson & Jennings watch to the mix. As you guys know, I already have a black/gold watch by the Anglo-Swedish label, but have been lusting over their mesh chain metal watches for months now. All of the Larsson & Jennings watches are Swiss made – subtle, sleek & timeless! Plus, the silver is such a nice change and goes perfectly with the beads on the new kimono jacket.

OUTFIT: Larsson & Jennings watches - mesh chain metal silver watch | Bikinis & Passports

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BEAUTY TALK: let’s be sensitive

By now, most of you probably already know that I have super sensitive and dry skin due to my eczema. What you probably don’t know, however, is all the “smart advice” I’ve had to listen to over the years. If you ask me, there is no cure for eczema. I am no doctor, but I’ve lived with it for all of my life and I’ve learned a lot about my skin, especially now that I am older. To me, eczema is a genetic skin condition that you can either grow out of (mine has gotten SO much better over the years) or you can learn to live with and try to make to circumstances the best possible. When I was little (we’re talking kindergarden age here), doctors advised my mom to put me on a diet in order to avoid certain foods. It would go on for months at the time and my skin wouldn’t get better. Of course, the dry, irritated skin can be caused by certain external factors, but for the most part, I believe that it is connected with our psyche. If we’re happy, we tend to glow, if we’re stressed, tired or sad, it shows (meaning: if you’re a 5-year old, skipping certain foods is not pure happiness). Sounds easy enough, right? Well, as much as our mind plays into things, I’ve also found that the right care is essential for my skin in order to keep things under control and to prevent a real episode. Which is why I am super picky about the products I use. During Winter, I sometimes have to resort back to special creams and oil-based shower gels from the pharmacy, but for the most part, I’ve found certain things that simply work for me. I already wrote about my facial skin care routine HERE and today I wanted to share my experience with the new “Mandel Sensitiv” skincare line by Weleda with you guys. I am always super happy to discover new products that work for me, so hopefully some of you will also love these!

Weleda "Mandel Sensitive" Pflegeserie | Bikinis & Passports

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