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CRAVINGS: summer swim

The past two weeks have been beyond busy and I find myself craving a relaxed summer day, somewhere by the pool – preferably even the ocean. However, Mike and my schedule are currently super packed and there is no vacay in sight (except for a little 4-day getaway in August). So while I keep dreaming about the ocean, I had a look around some of my favorite online shops and found lots of beachy essentials that I would definitely take with me. I love that white, slightly oversized dress, which would look so good with tanned skin! And what better, than to take a dip with a cute, tropical bathing suite, like the one by Poko Pano, found via GIRISSIMA.com?
Speaking of GIRISSIMA: Have you guys entered the 2000€ giveaway yet? You can still take part until Jule 30th for a chance to win a huuuuge shopping spree!

Girissima.com - Summer Swim

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After a busy 4 days in Berlin, I arrived back home in Vienna late last night and can’t wait to show you guys tons of impressions from the past few days. First up: My outfit for the 3rd day of fashion madness! I was lucky enough to get to choose an entire look by FASHION ID which was sent to my hotel - I wanted something that was a bit more special, but also “me” and comfortable. The weather was absolutely mad this past week, and we had a constant trade-off between sunshine and intense humidity, as well as horrible rain and thunderstorms. Great timing for fashion week, right? I decided on a maxi skirt by Marc Cain, which was perfect for when it cooled down after the rain, but not too hot when the sun was out, paired with a timeless light blue blouse by Jake*s. I also choose a DKNY cross body bag, as it was ideal to have my hands free for taking pictures.
How do you guys like the look?

Outfit: Berlin Day 3 - FASHION ID online-shop

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OUTFIT: really red

Sometimes all it takes is one single item to make an entire outfit! These pants by Double Ikkat, for example – they are so “wow” that they don’t require anything other than a casual white shirt. Even with such a simple combination the whole ensemble is a total eye-catcher. Usually I wouldn’t consider myself someone that wears such bold colors, but with this pair I can also imagine them perfectly for the next girls night out, worn with a silky white blouse and nude heels. For now I love them with flats and a bit of lace underneath a simple shirt. How do you guys feel about such a vibrant color?

GIRISSIMA.com double ikkat bow pants

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BEAUTY TALK: staying young

At age 25 I currently don’t worry much about wrinkles, but I do know it is the time when we should start taking care of our skin and building up for the future – I’m sure you’ve all heard of anti-aging creams for our precious faces. But have you ever thought about your hair getting older? I certainly hadn’t until I was introduced to Pantene Pro V’s new anti-aging series “youth protect 7″. Experts say that around age 25 your hair looses the typical “bounce” and we all know that the structure can change over time (especially during pregnancies or hormonal changes). Well, I certainly love my hair and hope it stays the way it is right now for a long time! I have super thick hair and used to hate it when I was younger (too much to handle…), but over the past few years I have grown fond of my hair and most importantly the thick structure – which I certainly don’t want to change any time soon.
For everyone that is curious now, Pantene Pro V has organized a Q&A session on their Facebook page this Tuesday from 4 to 5:30pm (CET) with the hair expert Sacha Schütte. Join me and lots of other girls to ask away – anything that you want to know about hair care and anti-aging!

pantene pro v youth protect 7

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