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TRAVEL: postcards from Ibiza.

Canon EOS M10: Postcards from Ibiza | Bikinis & Passports

This will be a summer to remember. Even though I always love summer, this year is extra special for many reasons. My best friend is getting married, Mike turns 30 (♥), I am spending an entire week dedicated to taking care of my body and we finally made the ultimate girls trip to Ibiza happen last month – you didn’t really think I would go on without sharing any pictures, right?…

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OUTFIT: the cinderella skirt.

Marc Cain Streetstyle | Bikinis & Passports

Girls and tulle will probably be a love affair for generations to come – just like it has been for the past decade or so. And while I strongly believe in basics, sometimes you just have to put on your tulle skirt and feel like a Cinderella, right?
Last Tuesday, I got to spend the entire day with Marc Cain for a street style shoot, the launch of their new fragrances (not 1 but 3) and their “private garden” show, which was held in Berlin during Fashion Week and presented looks that were pure summer inspiration….

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OUTFIT: La Fête Imperiale.

Fête Imperiale Vienna 2017: Aigner Lucy Bag | Bikinis & Passports

Vienna is famous for it’s many traditional balls. While the peak of the ball season is usually January and February with the world-known Opera Ball, June also has something amazing to offer when it comes to Vienna’s ball culture: The Fête Imperiale. A stunning summer ball that let’s you experience the cities tradition in a entirely different way.

While I have been lucky enough to attend the Opera Ball in the past and also visited the Jägerball (Hunter’s Ball) earlier this year, the Fête Imperiale was still missing on my list….

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OUTFIT: she said “I DO”.

OUTFIT: Wedding Guest with Pandora | Bikinis & Passports

I don’t have a lot of friends from when I was younger that I am still very close with today. That may partly be due to the fact that we moved quite a bit during my childhood. However, I have always been of the opinion that a few really (!!) good friends are worth so much more than an entire hoard of acquaintances. Alyssa, who said “I Do” this past weekend is definitely one of the few….

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