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BEAUTY TALK: art stick

Even though I am not much of a lipstick-kinda-girl, there are some days on which I simply crave a bolder lip in pink or red. It’s been a while since I last wore lipstick (mainly because Mike isn’t a huge fan), but when the new art stick by bobbi brown arrived on Monday, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I’ve already worn it for 2 days in a row and absolutely love it! With it being a pencil, rather than a lipstick, you can fill the lips super exact, plus you can easily control how intense you want the color to be. It’s a little like a lip liner and lipstick, mixed into one! Especially now with spring in full force it is the perfect accessory to my outfits (seen HERE). The color I am wearing is “electric pink”, which is a beautiful intense pink with a matte finish.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick "electric pink"

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BEAUTY TALK: my spring look with beautystories

I am thrilled to be able to share an amazing new project and opportunity that I get to be a part of. The German beauty retailer Douglas just launched their new blog “beautystories” and I am one of the four official bloggers. Starting today, I will share my favorite products, looks and everything else that I love on their blog and I hope you guys will follow along. To kick-off the brand new baby, I created my favorite casual spring look for those first days up on the deck to enjoy some sunshine. To see the entire outfit and the products I am currently loving, be sure to head on over to beautystories ♥

Douglas Beautystories - My Spring Look - Vicky

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BEAUTY TALK: volume, baby!

I love my hair! Period. While I found it a bit much to handle when I was younger, I have grown to really appreciate my long locks. I take great pride in treating my hair well and making sure it stays healthy (no flat iron for me …). Trust me, when I tell you that I have LOTS of hair. But as far as I am concerned the more, the merrier, right? While I usually don’t need extra volume, I still like to experiment with new products. After being really happy with the “Farbglanz Braun” shampoo by Guhl, I had the opportunity to try their new “Langzeit Volumen” line. It promises up to 48 hours of big hair, which is perfect, because my hair is always a lot flatter once I sleep on it. Since I always get a ton of emails asking about my hair, I thought I would share my current daily routine with you today:

Guhl: Langzeit Volumen

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VIENNA: GELeration pedicure at Topkapi salon

For about 6 months now, I’ve been getting regular gel pedicures. I know that gel polishes have been around for a few years, but for my hands I get sick of the same color after about 5 days, so I only tried it once about 3 years ago and didn’t like it. However, for my pedicure, I always have the same super dark red, so last year in September I decided to treat myself to a shellac pedicure. I loved the results so much, that I haven’t gone back to regular polish yet. There are quite a few studios in Vienna that offer the gel mani/pedicure, so 3 weeks ago, I decided to try the GELeration pedicure by Jessica Cosmetics at Topkapi salon. The salon is located right on Kohlmarkt in the 1st district, which is probably as good as it gets in terms of location (umm, right above Chanel …). The pedicure was done amazingly and I am super happy with the results – the picture below is the way it looks after 18 days, so more than 2 weeks and still good as new! The Topkapi salon may be a bit old fashioned in comparison to other spas with super modern massage chairs and foot baths, but in the end, the thing I personally really care about the most is a good pedicure that lasts for weeks. Up until now, I’ve been getting the La Ric 2 Go pedicure, but during our vacation in Mexico I had a nail chip for the first time (which really isn’t supposed to happen with shellac or gel), so I wanted to try something new. I am a big fan of the regular Jessica Cosmetics nail polishes, and so far I am more than happy with the way my GELeration pedicure is holding up. Have any of you tried the GELeration mani- or pedicure? How did you like it?

GELeration pedicure by Jessica Cosmetics

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