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VIDEO: easy big curls – tutorial

Recently I have been getting a crazy amount of questions regarding my curls that I’ve worn in a few pictures. You guys wrote emails, asked on Instagram, commented here on the blog … so I would say it is about time to let you guys into the secret (which isn’t really a secret). I am currently in the process of planning my outfit for this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich for the #coverprwiesn, as I’ll be going for the first time (yay!!). I already received my gorgeous Dirndl last week, and this week I decided on the accessories and hair. At first I thought I wanted to wear my hair in a braided up-do, but then decided that a Dirndl + braids would look suuuper “Heidi-style”, so I will probably wear my hair in curls, just like in today’s tutorial. I have teamed up with KMS California to show you guys that it only takes a few products and about 20 minutes of your time to get easy big curls that will stay in shape all day (and night). To watch the video, click on the image below:

Easy Big Curls Video Tutorial - Oktoberfest Hair

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BEAUTY TALK: a new york lovestory … MYNY

Ohh, New York! There is something so magical about the city, and it is simply like no other place in the world. So impressive, so timeless, so eclectic, so fast, so beautiful, … so New York! I am 100% a city girl and couldn’t imagine not being surrounded by lots of pretty buildings, the hustle and bustle of other people around me and the endless possibilities (especially when it comes to food) a city has to offer on a daily basis. I’ve been to NYC twice and currently the destination is more present than ever, since my good friend Victoria just moved there with her hubby – what better excuse to plan another trip soon, right? Until then, I’ve got MYNY right in my pocket with the new DKNY scent: girly yet grown up – fresh and flowery but also timeless and rich – cool yet classy! MYNY is for every girl, no matter what your lovestory with New York City is like ♥

Bikinis & Passports for DKNY - MYNY Perfume

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When it comes to beauty/bath products I am a real sucker for anything that has the slightest hint of coconut. I love the smell and especially during Summer it instantly feels like a sunny vacation on a sandy beach. For today’s beauty talk I wanted to share 3 of my personal favorite “coco items” with you guys. As you know, I am pretty picky when it comes to trying new products as my skin is fairly sensitive (due to eczema) and I like to stick with things that work for me. However, when something smells like coconut I tend to have a hard time resisting – which is exactly how I discovered these 3 products:

coconut bath products

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BEAUTY TALK: fresh face

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my skin care. And while I am super lucky in terms of impurities and break-outs, my skin is still far from perfect. Due to the fact that I have eczema, I have super dry skin (it gets better during summer). Back in February I had an appointment with my dermatologist and she suggested trying a moisturizing urea lotion from the pharmacy. Now, admittedly it isn’t the prettiest bottle and it doesn’t smell wonderful (no scent at all actually) or sound very appealing, but it has worked wonders for my skin and gives it the perfect amount of necessary moisture. So currently, my skin care routine is very basic, but it seems to work well and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon!

Skin Care Routine - Bikinis & Passports

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