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BEAUTY TALK: berry tones

This Fall I am loving berry tones, no question about it. Hues of deep pink, red and purple are so fitting for the season and seem to work with my complexion as well. I recently shared a few beauty favorites over on “beautystories” but also wanted to share them with you. So here we go!

Berry Tones - Bikinis & Passports

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BEAUTY TALK: airbrush make-up

Have you ever wondered what your face and skin would look like with picture perfect make-up? I’ve heard about lots of make-up artists working with air brush systems to create a flawless complexion and have always wanted to try it to see what all the fuss is about. About 2 weeks ago I was invited to try the Temptu home airbrush system, which was just brought to Austria by Mariana Hiebl and allows all women (aside from professionals) to use airbrush make-up. Temptu’s airbrush-system debuted in 2009 as the first easy-to-use, professional-quality, home airbrush makeup system. As you know, I have very dry skin and am not the biggest fan of heavy foundations and usually stick to more natural/light BB creams or tinted moisturizers, so that was one of the main concerns I had about the airbrush. However, Mariana quickly informed me that the airbrush was actually a good alternative for dry skin, because it doesn’t go into the skin, but rather covers it to lock in the moisture. We moisturized before and the make-up lasted all day without drying out my skin. I really liked the results and love the option of having such professional results at home, but for daily use it would be a bit too much work for me personally and it definitely takes practice to apply it evenly. However, for formal events or shoots I think it is a perfect option. Mariana actually used the Temptu system on me for a recent photo shoot as well, and in my opinion it was one of the prettiest looks I’ve ever had done for a shoot. Have any of you tried Temptu or heard of it? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Temptu Airbrush-System

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BEAUTY TALK: my top 5 hair products (video)

If I had to narrow it down to the most asked question I receive, it would definitely have to be about my hair. It is weird to me, since I probably don’t see my hair the way others do (and I know what a fight it usually is in the bathroom), but of course I want to try to answer your questions, and today I wanted to share my personal top 5 hair products with you. All of these have been in use for a long time and work amazingly for me personally. Find out more after the click…

my top 5 hair products - Bikinis & Passports

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BEAUTY TALK: Afternoon Tea with STELLA

Ohh Stella McCartney … I don’t know what exactly it is about her that fascinates me so much (aside from her gorgeous Falabella bags of course), but the woman is simply WOW and I almost feel a bit guilty telling you guys that I got to have afternoon tea with her yesterday in Munich. Like really with her, as in she sat across from me at the table ♥ To celebrate the re-launch of her scent “STELLA” she gathered a few bloggers and journalists for a lovely intimate afternoon tea at the Victorian House in Munich. Tea sandwiches, lots of pink rose, champagne, macarons, … so girly and so perfect!
I was actually surprised by how much I liked the scent, because I am usually someone that prefers really “light” perfumes. When I heard it was based on the contrast between the fresh, soft rose, and dark amber I felt like it could be a bit too much. But the rose comes across perfectly – not too heavy, but very true to itself – and as Stella told us during tea-time, it was her personal mission to create a scent you could wear, but that wouldn’t wear you. She said that she loves it when she meets people and smells the perfume just enough to want to know what it is, but not too much to want to get away from that person as fast as possible. Do any of you wear the scent regularly? I think it’ll be perfect for Fall!

Stella McCartney STELLA Perfume

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