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BEAUTY TALK: 5-minute hairstyles for summer.

BEAUTY TALK: 5-minute hairstyles for Summer | Bikinis & Passports

By now, most of you guys know that I am not one to go all out in the beauty department. Don’t get me wrong, I love my products and usually never leave the house without my hair and make-up done, but I certainly don’t like to spend hours getting ready. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to take a long time for something to look good. That’s why I have created a fun little video with three different 5-minute hairstyles for Summer over on the beautystories blog for you guys….

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OUTFIT: active beauty

dm: active beauty | Bikinis & Passports

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I talk about some of my favorite things or my personal take on something – like beauty. To me, a natural look has always been what I can identify myself with best. My freckles make it nearly impossible to wear anything else but a natural make-up, which is perfectly fine by me. I was more than excited and honored when dm decided to feature a few bloggers and their take on beauty in the current issue of the active beauty magazine….

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let’s talk lashes.

BEAUTY TALK: xtreme lashes vienna review | Bikinis & Passports

To me personally, beauty should always be a very natural thing. I think it is important to embrace your features and focus on what you like best. In my case my freckles and eyes. A lot of the time, people don’t really love their freckles, but my mom (who has even more than I do), has always taught me to love mine. However, freckles make it hard to work with foundation, which is why I simply don’t….

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RECIPE: eggs florentine + video tutorial.


This year will probably go down in history as “Vicky’s Year of Poached Eggs”. Slightly obsessed at the moment! All jokes aside though, I think I am addicted and barely a day goes by without a poached egg or two. I like to consider it a phase and enjoy it while it lasts. My favorite combo definitely involves the perfectly cooked eggs, super ripe avocado and a slice of bread. However, recently I decided to switch it up a bit and tried eggs florentine at home for the first time….

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