Life is short Buy the shoes, drink the wine and order the dessert.

Life is short

Buy the shoes, drink the wine and order the dessert.

CRAVINGS: poolside

After an especially gray and rainy few days here in Vienna, I am mostly just craving sunshine right now. Speaking of sunshine, how good would a cold margarita by the pool sound right now?

CRAVINGS: marrakech

Marrakech is one of those places that has been on my travel wishlist for a while now. Vibrant colors, spice markets, palm trees and stunning weddings blankets are my personal association with the city located in western Morocco.

CRAVINGS: pre-loved

A week ago, Kathi and I held a fleamarket at our office. Aside from the fact that we had so much fun meeting a lot of you, we also had some really interesting conversations about pre-loved items and how someone’s “trash”

CRAVINGS: eye spy

There’s a little countdown going on right now. Today, we’re at 16 days, and it is time to get excited! Pretty soon, Kathi and I will be hoping on a plane for some fun (and business) in the sun. 

CRAVINGS: knitted

After a wonderful weekend in London with the family, I am back in Vienna today. Unfortunately I brought a little stomach flu with me (2nd time since Christmas…) and am stuck in bed right now.

CRAVINGS: nowles boots

Boots to love! Seriously, I have been obsessing over these cute little Winter buddies for weeks now. Do you ever feel like when something is at the very top of your wishlist, you keep spotting it everywhere, making it even harder to resist …