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CRAVINGS: boho sandals for every budget.

CRAVINGS: boho sandals for every budget.

Even though the weekend didn’t exactly spread lots of Summer vibes with temperatures around 10°C (in the mountains where my parents live) and tons of rain, I am currently en route to Vienna and we already found sunshine on our way home. Plus, Mike and I have a little getaway to Barcelona coming up in 10 days (my Christmas present from him), which means Summer is coming! I was recently thinking about how I love to splurge on amazing heels, while in reality though, I should be splurging on shoes I actually wear daily. Like a great pair of sandals for Summer, preferably lace-up or a with a touch of boho. That’s why I have been browsing the online shops a ton lately on the hunt for the perfect boho sandals. Maybe some of you are currently also in the process of getting your wardrobe ready for Summer with a few sunny day essentials, so here is my collection of boho sandals for every budget that I’ve found (and loved) so far!

  • Aquazzura sandals with tassels: These past few months, I have literally become with everything and anything Aquazzura. I already own two pairs of heels (both super comfortable, by the way) and think these black sandals have just the right amount of playfulness, while still having an elegant feel. Honestly, these are at the very top of my list right now ♥
  • Vero Moda brown sandals: About two weeks ago I got a pair of sandals from HALLHUBER (seen here), which are super similar to these by Vero Moda. I think mine were a bit more expensive (around 80€), but this pair for under 50€ certainly are a great deal! Plus, the brown works great with tanned legs (not that I would know though).
  • Valentino embellished painted sandals: Ok, these are definitely waaaay up there in terms of price, but how stunning are they with the painted details? In case anyone has a spare 1.000€ laying around, I highly recommend getting these!
  • Mabu by Maria BK pompom sandals: If there was such a thing as a leg party, these sandals would definitely be responsible for it. So much fun with all the colorful details and pompoms. I still can’t decide if I absolutely adore them, or if they are ridiculous. However, I do think they could be amazing when paired with a simple white beach dress or just some cut-off shorts and a white shirt. What do you guys think?
    • Anna Field black strappy sandals: Last but not least I found a pair that is a steal for under 30€ and is perfect if you are looking for a black pair of sandals to add to your collection. I think these would even work with a more put-together outfit for the office.

boho sandals for every budget


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