OUTFIT: saying good-bye

I think it is safe to say that it is officially time to say good-bye to Summer. While we had a few warm and sunny days at the beginning of the week, the weather forecast is looking slightly depressing.

OUTFIT: sporty habits

Don’t ask me why, but my scale is currently trying to make me mad. I am not one to weigh myself on a daily basis since I have been around the same weight for a long time (which I am happy with).

OUTFIT: bug-a-boo

Recently I’ve found a whole new appreciation for simplicity. Denim and an oversized white linen shirt or black skinny jeans and a silky blouse are all I need to feel comfortable and confident.

OUTFIT: home office

Even though I don’t go to an office anymore in the mornings, I still try to maintain a structured routine. My alarm usually goes off around 7:30 and then I get up 10-15 minutes later.