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I know a lot of you are interested in my diet and fitness. I receive emails asking about staying healthy on an almost daily basis. I’ve talked about my personal point of view HERE, and not much has changed since. It is a blessing, that I actually have a great liking for healthy food. The things I find myself craving usually involve lots of veggies and fruit. Also, I really don’t have a sweet tooth at all. I hardly ever find myself wanting candy or chocolate (other than an occasional spoon full of nutella or peanut butter) and I can easily skip dessert. Personally, I feel that diets are not the way to go. It is all about changing your mindset and making a healthy diet and regular exercise part of your life – to a point where you actually enjoy it. I am realistic about my lifestyle and know that 3 workouts per week are just about all I can squeeze into my schedule right now. That’s ok for me. While I usually hit the gym or go for a run, I also love trying new things. And this is where TRX training (also known as “suspension training”) comes into play.

TRX Training - In Good Shape Vienna

Have you guys heard of TRX? I didn’t until a little while ago when Victoria told me about it. Of course I had to give it a try, so Victoria, her husband Tassilo, Anna and I took a class at In Good Shape. Holy cow!!! NEVER have I been so sore! TRX is a new sensation from the US, that is just now becoming popular in Europe.

“The field of suspension training is a form of resistance training that includes bodyweight exercises in which a variety of multi-planar, compound exercise movements can be performed. These are done with the aim of developing strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.”

TRX Training - In Good Shape Vienna

TRX Training - In Good Shape Vienna

For us, we did each exercise for 1 min 30 sec and then rested for 40 sec. I think the main thing is that due to the instability of the suspension you actually work a ton of smaller muscles that usually don’t get worked with regular weight training. For me personally, I noticed most of my soreness in the upper arms and between the should blades, which are definitely 2 regions I still need to work on. So if you guys are looking to try something new, definitely try the TRX training trough In Good Shape. For the first class they offer a 10€ deal, which is what I booked. And guess what, I am just about to change to go to my second TRX training with a colleague – just this time we’re trying the high intensity version, for which you add cardio inbetween the exercises. Wish me luck!!

EDIT: I just got back from the HIT TRX class, and it was literally THE hardest thing I have ever done. I would consider myself in fairly good shape, especially because I also train with weights a lot. Well, nothing could prepare me for what I experienced tonight. It was actually 2 minutes of exercise, followed by 1 minute of intense cardio (ie. 20 burpees or a minute of knee-highs). Basically your pulse is up for an hour straight and at one point I felt like I was going to throw-up and pass out all at the same time. I am still a little shaky right now, but I feel like I REALLY worked out tonight! I took the class with a colleague of mine, who is in great shape (he ran a marathon in October), and even he had to push his limits and was drenched in sweat! If you’re up for a challenge, this is definitely the right class for you!! I will probably be sore for weeks to come, but once I recover I’ll definitely do it again.

TRX Training - In Good Shape Vienna

PS. We also tried about 10-minutes of their brand new “pound” class – which is amazing, but sooo exhausting! Victoria did it again yesterday, but I still have to prepare mentally to go for a second class 🙂 You will be dripping in sweat, guaranteed!


  • 10 years ago

    Das hört sich wirklich interessant an! Ich versuche auch noch immer das “ideale Training” für mich zu finden, da mir vielen auf Dauer zu langweilig wird! Vielleicht probiere ich TRX einmal aus – 10€ für eine Probesession ist außerdem ein fairer Preis!

    Liebe Grüße, Lisa

  • 10 years ago

    Definitely need to get back into my workout routine. Healthier is always sexier

  • 10 years ago

    Klingt echt toll. Hab TRX schon mal getestet, aber nicht in Kombi mit Cardio 🙂 Mein Freund und ich haben uns schon überlegt sowas für zuhause zu zulegen, aber kostet dann doch einiges. Das mit diesen Stäbchen sieht auch witzig aus 🙂 Hab mich schon durch die Homepage geklickt und am liebsten würde ich das jetzt auch teste 🙂

    LIebe Grüße

  • 10 years ago

    Girl, look at you go! Good for you. After reading this, I feel inspired to get back on the workout train. I have been thinking of trying to do some barre classes. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope all is well!

  • Amy
    10 years ago

    This sounds great! As I recently moved here I’ve been trying to find places to do classes like this so thanks for the tip 🙂 I’ll try it out next week! Which location did you go to?

    Take care,

  • […] neue Dinge auszuprobieren, vor allem, was Sport betrifft! Umso erfreuter war ich, als Victoria und Vicky mich gefragt haben, ob ich zum TRX-Training mitkommen will. Selbstverständlich! Wenn ich nur […]

  • 10 years ago

    Finally! It’s nice to hear someone else suggest clan eating and healthy lifestyle over dieting. People put themselves through so much and end up harming their bodies and giving up.

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