OUTFIT: white.

To me, fashion and travel have always gone well together. I feel like discovering new destinations always has a slight influence on the way I dress.

OUTFIT: blue & white

Over the past year, there are definitely a few pieces that have turned out to be true favorites. Items that I love to wear over and over again, styled in different ways and suitable for plenty of different occasions. Today's outfit for dinner by the beach in Mauritius basically combines 3 of those. I've been a fan of wide-legged pants for a few years now and the white palazzo pants were my No.1 must-have last Summer...

OUTFIT: vacation white

What is it about holidays by the beach and wearing white? Maybe because it brings out our tanned skin more, or maybe because it reflects our happy mood.

CRAVINGS: baby blue.

When Mondays feel like Sundays thanks to the long Easter weekend, my Sunday Cravings also turn into Monday Cravings. Because quite frankly, yesterday I was busy spending time with loved ones while eating too much chocolate cake.