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…when the rain comes down.

Today I took an early train heading from Vienna to Salzburg to meet my mom and sister for some back-to-school (fall wardrobe) shopping. I have to say, it was my lucky day and I took an amazing coat, that I had been eye-ing for a while, and vest home with me. But more on that in the next post.
Here is today’s outfit, comfy for the train ride and warm for the thick clouds and rain. Yet I am not ready to wear sweaters and warm pants in early September so tights and boots seemed like the perfect transition. 
Sorry my face is hidden on all of the pictures below :( On Tuesday I woke up with swollen eyes and an insane rash in my face, turns out I had some kind of reaction and will be on antibiotics for the next 3 weeks. My face is still somewhat red and I’m not allowed to wear any make-up whatsoever, so I decided the umbrella would be a prettier image to look at ;)
FCUK dress
H&M tights
Zara leather boots
Danier leather jacket
scarf: gifted
XOX Vicky
PS. can you spot my new accessory?! Those of you who follow me on Twitter might know what I’m talking about :)
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  1. Alexa says:

    Gute Besserung meine Liebe! Hoffe das wird schnell wieder gut.
    Die Uhr ist traumhaft, hab sie bei Twitter schon bewundert.
    Und zu dicken Pullis kann ich mich auch noch nicht durchringen… irgendetwas in mir weigert sich dagegen ;)


  2. welcome to my jungle says:

    tolles outfit!!

  3. Closet Fashionista says:

    LOVE the outfit!! So cute! And oh no!! I hope your rash gets better soon :(

  4. HC! says:

    i love love love your outfit! i'm obsessed with your scarf!
    Haute Californian

  5. Collette Osuna says:

    SO sorry about your rash….Im sure the medicine will have it gone in no time at all:)

    I love your scarf and the boots!!!

    Statements in Fashion

  6. ♥alicia says:

    totally crushing on those boots! and well, the whole outfit is perfectly styled! Well played! Hope all is well and have a fab weekend!


  7. Jess says:

    cute boots=) hope your rash gets better!

  8. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    CONGRATS on your new MK! :) Looks great (although you have to show close ups!! :) I love the tuff biker chic look on you… looks like the weather is the same there as here… eeeekkkkk…. Get well soon babe and have a great weekend!


  9. DiamondsandTulle says:

    Maybe the watch? You look so cute with the umbrella and sorry to hear about your rash. I've had eczema my whole life so I understand that situation. Hope you get better soon!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  10. Elise says:

    L O V E your outfit!
    I follow you for a while but now I have a blog to :) You follow me back?


  11. Sarah V. says:

    I hope you recover soon Vicky!

    I like your watch!


  12. claarax. says:

    so nice pics!

  13. Nicole Lisa says:

    Umbrellas are awesome in general, so kudos to you for using it as an accessory!
    Get better soon, and please do tell more of the new fall items you got :o)
    Nicole Lisa

  14. Hilary says:

    oh no i hope your rash heals fast! I like your scarf, i have one similar that i received as a gift from Istanbul. I like how you paired it with stripes :) very pretty!


  15. Xann says:

    Hope you get better soon!
    Your outfit looks great :)

  16. Ambypure says:

    Lovely outfit, your boots are great!

  17. Lara - Elain says:

    Jacket,boots and umbrella match perfectly :)
    Get better soon!

  18. Kinsey Michaels says:

    fun pictures – i love your dress Vicki! too bad the weather was a little dreary.

  19. Yaary says:

    totally love this outfit girl.. the scarf is amazing.

  20. SLF says:

    so nice outfit! rly like your dress!

  21. Lucy says:

    Love this outfit of yours!!

  22. Moodswings says:

    hmmm is it the watch? love the biker boots! xx

  23. Lali says:


  24. Laura says:

    I LOVE your outfit! Especially the jacket and scarf pairing. I hope your rash gets better soon!!

  25. Agitarsi says:
  26. Beverley says:

    aw, i hope that rash goes away soon! regardless your outfit is fabulous! and i know how you feel, i'm not sure if i'm ready for rain and clouds just yet. love your blog :)


  27. Andee Layne says:

    so chic, even in the rain xo

  28. Chiara says:

    Lovely Pictures!!! I hope you get better soon.


  29. Holeh says:

    it hardly ever rains here in california so i never know what to wear when it does! your outfit is so cute and still functional. and i love your new michael kors watch!


  30. Valou says:

    lovely blog I come bacck :)