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trouble ahead …

Whenever my boyfriends best friends are in town things get a little wild but we always have soo much fun. On Friday the boys arrived and I decided to go out with them … after dancing the night away at my favorite club (Palais Kinsky) and having a little too much fun I fell into bed at 6am. And while we’re on the topic of dancing the night away, I have some exciting news to share with you. A while back I was asked to contribute to “Fashion Bloggers Favorite Tracks” for 8tracks. I feel incredibly honored to be amongst some of my favorite bloggers ever and hope you like the track that I chose. You can listen to the mixtape here.
{only girl … but these are definitely my favorite boys!!}
 {prettiest bottle}
 Asos top & lace body underneath
H&M bandeau skirt
Steve Madden heels
Swarovski crystal studs
Forever XXI bracelets
XOX Vicky
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  1. Anonymous says:

    you are so pretty! love your new banner. <3

  2. Welcome to my jungle says:

    Love the lace body! Great outfit!

    – Dani


  3. Renée says:

    You are so pretty! Beautiful couple too :)

  4. Miyan says:

    look like a fun night out with the boys!! i love, love, love this bright pink top & the lace suit under.. and your braided back hair, perfect for dancing the night away.



  5. Lydz xX says:

    cute outfit!

    Lydz xx

  6. jenni says:

    wow, endlich ein toller blog aus österreich! :D
    ich bin immer auf der suche nach guten blogs aus meiner schönen heimat, aber die sind leider rar.
    du hast einen neuen follower ;)


  7. Closet Fashionista says:

    Haha, yayyyyyyy fordancin the night away! I love that pink shirt!

  8. Kimberley says:

    You look gorgeous :)
    I have been loving and following your blog for a while now and it inspired me too start one of my own!

    Hope you will check it out. Thanks girlll !

  9. Michelle says:

    haha i love hanging out with the boys <3 beautiful outfit

  10. Sera says:

    you guys make a beautiful couple! and love that outfit.

  11. Julia says:

    Das Top ist super – vor allem die Hinteransicht!!!

  12. Mariel Torres says:

    wow! you look stunning vicky darling

  13. Lisa says:

    your boyfriend is a lot cuter than you

  14. AKB says:

    It sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Good times!

  15. Laura says:

    You look GORGEOUS!! Love the back of your shirt. And sometimes a night out with the boys is exactly what you need :)

  16. Fanfarella says:

    das ist ja eine ganz eine ansehnliche runde hrhr hach, einmal noch 20 sein… :D

  17. Hilary says:

    Your outfit is amazing. It was a such a great idea to put the lace body under the backless shirt. I'm always wondering how to wear those shirts without my bra strap showing and looking tacky. Thanks for the idea. you look gorgeous as always!

  18. Jasmin says:

    haha – ich kann mir vorstellen dass du als einziges mädchen mit diesen netten jungs spaß hattest :-)
    hübsches top btw!

  19. lauren says:

    Looks like so much fun! Glad you had such a good night!
    xoxo Lauren