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travel companion #1: le pliage

Ok, so I couldn’t help myself. While I am supposed to be studying, my mind keeps drifting. So here we go…

Not only should you make wise decisions on who you travel with, but also WHAT you travel with. To me, a perfect travel companion has to be two things; practical and nice looking. I know the second of the two is a bit „shallow“ but I absolutely looove things that make a statement.
Recently I have become a huge fan of the ,Le Pliage Bag’ by Longchamp. I gave one of my best friends one for her birthday and couldn’t resist treating myself to one as well. She opted for the brighter, more seasonal pink while I went with the basic white, which to me stands out just as much. I adore the fact that the bag is partly made of genuine leather and the details are in gold. To me this adds just the right amount of glamour. Enough to pass with a dress and cocktails but not too much to fill it with sunscreen and a good book and bring to the beach.
sophie’s choice
These bags aren’t only perfect because they are simple in color and design and will go with basically every outfit imaginable BUT they are also made to fold up smaller than a bra or t-shirt.
folds up really small :)
The plan for our next trip is to drag our big oversize purses on the airplane to ensure enough room for magazines, iPods, cameras, snacks,… and to pack the ,Le Pliage’ for shopping trips or dinner dates. This way we wont need to waste valuable space in our suitcases and can still have multiple purses on our trip.
For fall and winter I am thinking of getting a color which is a little less vibrant than a super clean white or flowery pink. Right now my favorite contestants are the beige or black. Considering I already own multiple black purses, I will most likely go with the beige to add to my color spectrum a bit. If I can’t decide by then, I might just have to make my own, which is also an option online.
some of the options you have online
Go to Longchamp to see all the other colors and sizes available or to create your very own design.
If you do end up with a lighter color, don’t be afraid of using it daily just so it wont get dirty. At the place I got mine, I was told to just gently clean the fabric part with a little warm water and ox gall (bile) soap. I chose to prepare myself and already went ahead and got some. As soon as I have had first cleaning experiences I will be sure to share the results with you.
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  1. Julia says:

    I'm a big fan of "Le Pliage" myself :)…got it in several colors and sizes. They're just perfect for nearly every occasion, especially for traveling! Great post! Keep on blogging :)

    Love, Julia

  2. travel I learn I love says:

    thank youu :)

  3. ellinelle says:

    ..oh ..I bought few years ago black and brown combination and I still have it , this bag actually are really good also for day out or shopping , it's so classy ..I actually have it on one of my post full with teddy's : )))
    Great post and wonderful blog ..coming from Pixie Dust blog ..

    Ellinelle xxx