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Summer is slowly coming to an end, and I am finally getting used to the thought of warmer knits, parkas & boots for the next few month. However, these images from the Spring 2012 collection of Tigerlily Swimwear  kind of make me wish that I was living in Australia and  Spring was just around the corner with a wonderful summer to follow. But the next one will come for sure, right??

Now I am getting ready to go grab some breakfast with a friend and then I plan on trying my new Debroh Lippmann “boom boom pow” that just came in the mail yesterday :) I’ll be back later today with a second post so stay tuned for that!

Tigerlily 2

tigerlily 4

  1. Closet fashionista says:

    Oooh love these shots, so sad how I hardly wore a bathing suit this summer :(

  2. beautiful photos, my summer ended last week, now studying again with boots and coat on because it’s damn cold in the netherlands :(

  3. Becky says:

    Love these, they’re making me look forward to next summer already as we haven’t really had one in the UK!

  4. Annette says:

    oh I know that feeling to well as summer hasn’t really started for me yet. I still have one more week to go at uni and then the sun might be gone for a long time…australia sounds like a plan! ;-)

  5. Pinksaphire85 says:

    Yes i cant wait summer in Australia is lovely its been too cold for too long. Now i can finaly get a tan! First day of spring today and its wonderful

  6. BlondeMuse says: