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the work in workout.

I know it’s been a while since I last posted about fitness. The main reason being that working full-time has forced me to make some adjustments to my daily routine, including the time I get to spend working on my fitness. I always thought work was an excuse that people used to stay away from the gym, but over the past 2 months I have realized that it takes a lot of willpower and discipline to drag myself to the gym or put on my running shoes after a 9hr day at the office.

realistic goals for working out

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In the past I tried to work out 5 times / week but after being frustrated with myself a few weeks in a row for not making that goal I have become more realistic. Now I aim for 3 workouts / week and if I can squeeze in a 4th it makes me feel extra good for achieving more than I had planned. Recently I have been running a lot since I am participating in the 10km womens run on June 3rd and I want to be in shape. Also, running requires less time than going to the gym because I can just step outside my front door and go for a run. But I still try to work on my strength at least once (better twice) per week.

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I know that a lot of my readers also work fulltime, therefore I thought it would be fun to share my typical workout routine at the moment with you guys. As you can see, none of these workouts really require more than an hour of your time, so there aren’t any excuses why you need to skip them. Of course you can switch around the days, ie. if you feel more like a quick run on Monday and a longer one after the week is done of Friday. Also, I try to make at least of one of the runs a morning run, because I always feel more motivated before work and I also feel so much more energized all day after working out. I think that this routine is more than realistic and as long as you give it your all while you’re working out you’ll be seeing improvements.

Do you guys have any good tips on how to combine working full-time with staying healthy and working out? I’d love to hear them!!

  1. Sarah says:

    In order to stay healthy I am trying eat rather light in the lunchbreak but I make sure to eat! Because otherwise I would have to eat at home after work and that is just getting too late. I also think it always helps to step out in the lunch break – not necessarily to run errands (it’s a break after all) but to eat a sandwich or a salad on a bench in the park around the corner.

    In Denmark we are lucky enough that many companies have their own gym including showers, so that you could even take classes before work or in a break. Otherwise try to choose a gym close to your work place and see if they have courses before or right after work.

  2. Sarah says:

    Really agree with the idea of working out at the beginning of the day, it’s definitely a motivator for the rest of the day, but also kick-starts your metabolism! Double win!
    Another thing I do is simply go for walks with my boyfriend after supper, especially in the warmer months. It gives us a chance to catch up on each other’s day, let our food go down and get some gentle exercise.. And you’d be surprised how many calories you can burn just walking for an hour or so!
    Thanks for the tips x

  3. I’m trying to workout more but finals week has really been getting to me. I enjoy doing random moves just while watching TV or working around the apartment. Things like jumping jacks or just carrying around a dumbell and doing a few arm moves will help


  4. Nika says:

    Hey vicky!! ich lese deinen blog schon lang, kommentiere aber zum ersten mal.. Schau dir mal das app ‘nike training club’ an. Dort gibt es tolle 15-,30- & 45 min workouts in verschiedenen intensitäten. Die halten mich superfit und motivieren mich gleichzeitig, weiterzumachen.

    Follow nikasstylediary.blogspot.com

  5. I do a similar thing. Keeping realistic is KEY! When I meet my goals, I feel so much more motivated!


  6. Anna says:

    Currently I am far from working full-time. I study though and like to get my “work” (homework, assignments, papers, review, …) done before I do anything else. This makes me feel a lot better.
    I learned that for me it is easiest to run in the morning, because I feel awesome afterwards, and generally don`t have a problem getting up earlier. I know that a lot of people do this (also considering how many people I meet around 6-7-8 o`clock).
    My Gym is one that is open 24 hours. I don`t have to worry about when I will arrive and compared to other Gym`s in the area, they even offer classes that are “relatively” late. This, for me is an added bonus, because sometimes I just can`t get myself to work out alone.
    I also chose a Gym that is close to my Uni, fairly close to home, close to where I usually run, close to a public pool and a Yoga Studio, perfection.
    I tend to always keep a set of running/workout stuff in my car if I get some extra time that I can use to squeeze in a workout.
    I also make an effort to spend a little time each day with relaxing, concentrating on myself, thinking about Goals but also just turning down. Some might use that time for Meditation/Yoga.
    Finally, I commit to working out with friends because if they go, I don`t want to miss my workout either!
    I hope I didn`t forget anything ;) Good job on squeezing in as much as possible.

  7. Marushka82 says:

    It’s really hard to fit in exercise into your day, especially if you exercise after work! I always try to make up excuses NOT to exercise on the way home, but then I stop and think: will I feel better if I spend an hour in front of the tv feeling guilty for not exercising or if I make the effort to exercise and feel awesome and accomplished afterwards? 9 times out of 10 I choose exercise, as I hate feeling guilty! :D It’s a bit crazy, but it works. My exercise routine looks very similar to yours, except I exercise with a DVD as sadly I can’t afford a gym :(

    • Nika says:

      I actually LOVE DVD’s :) I re-started doing sports on a regular basis with a pilates DVD. It’s a really good way to make sports become a routine, I think. There I had no reason to be ashamed that I am not that flexible etc. and had the chance to feel my body without exposing myself to strangers.

      For me it is also really important to try out new things. Now I feel I have a personal perfect mix of sports:
      jogging, kickboxing, yoga, volleyball & gym. I actually don’t have a schedule for when I do what because my days are always different. Of course, volleyball and kickboxing I have to plan ahead with my friends but yoga, gym and jogging I just decide spontanously what I am in the mood for.


  8. Anita says:

    A great post, it’s true, that it is more difficult to stay fit when you work fulltime. I have the same problem as you have, but I – let’s say it in german, because I don’t have the perfect english word – “überlisted” my body: I’m generally and have never been a person for team sports or any cardio/boxing/spinning class in the gym. I’m in the gym where I am because they offer a great diversity and quantity of yoga and pilates classes – but also all the other typical gym things for cardio, and weights etc. And they have a yoga or pilates class every evening in the week. I even have normally three options: go there right after work for yoga, go there around 8 for pilates or later for a late yoga class. And so I have no excuse: as I pay for this (and it’s quite expensive, but that’s one point that makes me go there, because if not, it’s not only a bad feeling, but also a waste of money…) – I go there normally twice during the week and once on the weekend, usually 2 times pilates and one yoga class. And in the winter, I just stay there after a pilates class and do some cardio, but in the summer I prefer to leave my bike at home and go for a short run to the gym and back home (of course only if I don’t have to carry my yoga mat). I’m not satisfied with this – while studying i went 5 times per week to the gym – but i keep telling me it’s better than nothing.

    xxx Anita

  9. Marushka82 says:

    I’m actually thinking of getting a yoga dvd – are there any you’d recommend?

    • vicky says:

      I’ve never tried a yoga dvd but I gave my mom some for christmas, I can check up on those names the next time I visit them :)

      xox Vicky

  10. Katharina says:

    ich bin gestern das erste mal seit ewigkeiten gelaufen, weil ich auch viel zu viel mit arbeiten und anderen dingen beschäftigt war – und der muskelkater heute tut richtig gut.
    ich werde jetzt auch versuchen, 3 mal pro woche laufen zu gehen und meine übungen zu machen – für fitnessstudio ist allerdings null zeit.

    lg kathi

  11. Das is eine gute Schedule, sehr interessant! Ich versuche zu laufen gehen vier Tage pro Woche und auch mein Training zu Hause.
    Ich liebe gesundes Essen!
    Gutes Post!

    xoxo aus München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  12. Nuray says:

    als was arbeitest du eigentlich? :)

  13. Nicole says:

    Ich kann mich nur zu gut in deine Lage versetzen. Seit dem ich mit “beiden Beinen” im Berufsleben stehe, musste ich mein Work out stark anpassen und schaffe es jetzt auch meistens nur 3 x pro Woche laufen zu gehen. Bisher habe ich noch kein Krafttraining in mein Work out integriert, werde das aber auch mal versuchen! :-)

    Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag,

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