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the stanton social.

Alrighty, prepare to be teased again :) another food post! Thanks to Helena’s recommendation, Sophie and I had dinner at the Stanton Social one night in NYC and it was craaaazy yummy food! The restaurant is based on a sharing concept and we got 4 dishes to share plus an insanely delicious dessert. The Chocolate Tasting!!

grilled cheese slider and spring rolls.
crab-cake corndogs.
quesadillas with brie and apple, topped with bacon. (our favorite)
the chocolate tasting. yesss, it was insane :)
And here is a little preview of South Beach! We arrived last night and are totally in love with our hotel!!! Everyone is beyond sweet and helpful and our studio is amazing, the view over the bay from the balcony is breath-taking!!
view from our balcony.
8am at the pool and already gorgeous out :) (ignore my sleepy face)
XOX Vicky
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  1. My Republic of Fashion says:

    That chocolate tasting plate looks so amazing. I want one now!!haha. Great pics.SarahD:)

  2. Helena from BrooklynBlonde says:

    I'm so glad you liked the Stanton Social! It's one of my favorites! I'm dying once again.. haha!

    Have an amazing time in Miami!


  3. sara says:

    wow da wird man echt RICHTIG neidisch :D
    super bilder, sieht echt nach viel spaß aus!

    viele grüße (:

  4. Elena S. says:

    have an amazing time in miami !

  5. Tina says:

    South beach is the ish! And the stanton hotel is to die with their food! Go check out my blog I've got a little something there for you :)

  6. Jammer says:

    that chocolate tasting looks like heaven! Have fun in miami it sure looks gorgeous!!

  7. Romance Is Boring says:

    wow, it looks amazing! hope you're having a good time :)

    and I really want to try the chccolate taster haha :)



  8. Haute Californian says:

    wow the chocolate tasting seriously looks like the most epic thing in the world. i'm so jealous of your life right now lol.


  9. BarelyVogue says:

    Everything looks amazing. views, food and esp the choclate omg divine. Lucky you

  10. Closet Fashionista says:

    Awesome!! That chocolate looks sooo tasty!! :D And I love your by the pool outfit :D

  11. Kinsey Michaels says:

    I'm glad you're enjoying your trip! That restaurant in NYC looks sooo good, I can't believe that tray of chocolate!
    Gorgeous view from your Miami hotel!

  12. Jessica says:

    Great pictures! The view from your studio is amazing!!

  13. chicfille says:

    love your bikini. who makes it?

  14. Lore. says:
  15. vicky h. says:

    thank you everyone :) the chocolate tasting was INSANE and miami is amazing!!

    @chicfille the bikinis is victorias secret, I will have a detailed shot with my new purchases :)

  16. Marie-Claude says:

    OMG You are soooo pretty! I love the outfit (bikini under a sheer shirt).


  17. givemefashionnow blog says:

    yum! to the chocolate tasting plate! i love new york!!
    you should check out my blog! follow back?


  18. Sheila says:

    Cute pics! Love your bikini, I was almost going to get the same one!

  19. Anna Felizola says:

    hi! lovely pictures! I´m going to miami on august! what is the name of ur hotel???