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the littlest things.

After not seeing my family for a month it is always nice to come home for the weekend. It’s a time when I am often reminded of the little things in life that really matter. I thought I’d share some of those things that are currently making me happy.

Happy Sunday my loves, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

1 & 2 … flowers in my apartment in Vienna that will hopefully still be as pretty tomorrow as when I left on Friday.

3 … the cutest little jewelry box, a present from a best friend
4 … the pretty cocktail ring which was in the adorable cupcake box
5 … baking cupcakes for tea-time with the family
6 … enjoying a glass of wine for dinner
7 … my favorite puppy in the whole world!! (he’s 7 but I still like to call him a pup)
8 … the deathly chocolate dessert my sister made last night
9 … getting to drive one of my dad’s oldtimers for the first time
XOX Vicky
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  1. Becky says:

    The cupcakes look delicious, and the car is amazing!

  2. lamia says:

    I'm starving right now!! I can't find cupcakes here in Agadir.
    Great post!!

  3. Pancakes and pearls says:

    Cute pictures! I have the same ray ban glasses :)

  4. ..R May A.. says:

    the little cupcake box is so cute :)
    gorgeous post!! x

  5. sugarhoneybaby says:

    Great photos!Dog is adorable!
    Also,love zour ring!<3

  6. sugarhoneybaby says:


  7. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    Whoaaaaa love your dad's car!!! :D


  8. Sunshine Sam says:

    Oooh what lovely pics, I love anything with a cupcake on it hehe xx

  9. Rebecca says:

    I didn't realize you live in Vienna!
    I want to bus down there this summer, I can never get enough of that city!! :)

    beautiful photos by the way!


  10. Ana says:

    Great pics!

  11. Mariel Torres says:

    that desert your sister made you looks absolutely mouthwatering! btw, i totally get how you feel… i just spend a week home after been gone for a month and it was so nice. enjoy it darling!

  12. Fashion Agony says:

    Amazing pictures, thought they were inspiration from other websites before I read the description! :)


  13. Anonymous says:

    i´ll take the turbo :)

  14. Helen S. says:

    Wow , Great Pictures ! Zell am See is sooo beautiful ( i knew it from skiing there many times :))
    Can you give me the recipe for the cupcakes
    or do you know any good cupcake recipe sites in the internet ?
    XOXO <3

  15. AKB says:

    What a lovely collection of photos. You're quite right, it is the little things. Those cupcakes looked DELISH! Happy Sunday to you as well!

  16. Jessica says:

    beautiful pictures!!

  17. Maria says:

    Nice pictures. good blog

  18. Katrin says:

    Oh what a WONDERFUL cupcakebox!!! I wanna have one of those :)

    Much love from germany,
    Vintage & Vanilla, Darling!

  19. Celina says:

    Ich beneide dich so sehr, weil du diesen tollen Oldtimer fahren darfst!!!! :)

  20. welcometodeutschland says:

    awww how sweet! your doggy is really cute and those cupcakes look yummy :) you have a great blog!


  21. House of Popuiel says:

    Great pics, looks like a great weekend…especially the car!

  22. Helena from BrooklynBlonde says:

    1) love the new header!!
    2)those cupcakes are making me drool – i need to make them and the photos and quality is so beautiful. What lens are you using? I think I asked you this before so if i did, i'm sorry!
    3)Your dog, can't take how cute that face is!