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the goodies

As I promised in my last post, here is a look into my bags from yesterday. I have to say, I wasn’t really after anything specific (other than the buttons for my gray blazer, which I DIDN’T get) so I am truly happy with everything I got because they are things I fell in love with at first sight. If I had known about the „Woman’s Shopping Day“ earlier, I would have certainly done my homework, researched all the participating stores, gathered lists of things I „needed“ and spent all day in endless lines, waiting to pay for things I would probably only end up wearing once. The lovely items I did end up getting will be sure to turn into favorite pieces and get lots of wear! Especially since I made a pact with myself to invest more into a long-lasting, high quality wardrobe.
Anyways, here is a peek at my finds:

My first stop was Douglas. A store similar to Sephora, carrying great cosmetics, skin-care products, perfume, … I already have a gray nail polish from Alessandro but think it is slightly too dark and hence have been subconsciously looking for a lighter one. The chinchilly by Essie was exactly what I had imagined. You can never go wrong with a pretty nude so I threw the light pink (pearly salmon) Isadora nail color in while waiting in line. I love the tiny size, perfect for traveling.

Next I went to MANGO, where I actually found my favorite thing of the day. The amazing ring in a stunning shade of turquoise with tiny lavender rhinestones lining it. Love it!! Also found this knit short-sleeved cardigan for the spring and summer. I knew I had to have both items the second I laid my eyes on them.
The last stop was Humanic, a huge shoe store. Sophie was actually looking for a pair of wedges and while I was waiting for her to try on different pairs I caught a glimpse at these pretty babies. I have to admit I have way too many black shoes in my collection, so this color is a great addition. I have been dying to get some hot booties and love these even more since they don’t seem as „chunky“ with the open toe. You would not believe how incredibly comfortable these are. I am actually wearing them to work tonight. (Working the guest-list and VIP entry at a clubbing, here.)
I am so proud of myself for not going nuts with the amazing sales going on and only picking things I will have to restrain myself from wearing to bed because I love them so much.
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  1. Alexa says:

    Hallo! Ebenfalls ein toller Blog… werd dich gleich verfolgen.
    liebe Grüße


  2. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    Great finds! The cardigan will go perfectly with the new shoes too.. :)

    I'm so glad you're coming to Bp!!! With BF or GF? :) either way, if you're up to it I'd love to go out for a drink with you guys and more than happy to share my favorite addresses with you.. :) (but no worries if you have other plans!!) What are you looking for? Shopping? Party? Restaurants? Culture? Hotel??? Send me a mail girl and we'll organize!
    Bis dann! :D



  3. Fashion Drift says:
  4. The Vogue Diaries says:

    love seeing your new purchases!!


  5. Valerie says:

    That ring is absolutely AMAZING!!! And I love the cardigan too! What a great shopping trip you had. I love coming home after a shopping trip and trying on all the items and pairing them with things I already have. So fun! Have a great weekend.


  6. Jammer says:

    Great finds!! That sweater is adorable and that ring is gorgeous! I can't believe that have a festival just for shopping where you live lol. I need to get that going in my neighborhood.


  7. Jen says:

    Girl, those booties are FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!! If you ever want me to take them off your hands, I will!! ;-)

    Happy Weekend Dear!

  8. Lucy says:

    Wow!! Those shoes are amazing!! And i also love your ring…

  9. Mariel Torres says:

    amazing finds!! everything is absolutely gorgeous


    very nice blog!!!i love the shoes in the last photo!!!!
    i follow u!!!
    follow me tooo!!!:)
    xoxo francesca

  11. Ashley says:

    Love those shoes! Very cute find! Wish they had women's shopping day here!!! Jealous!


  12. sabthaglam says:

    ich war gerade in Wien und wollte diesen Ring kaufen, hab aber vergessen :(