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teddy bear.

Hello pretties!!! I got home to my parents house for a long weekend last night and found my one of my cute teddy bears waiting in my little princess bed :) My sister and I spent the evening watching the Germany’s Next Topmodel finale and then I did a little bit of studying.

Today I plan on having a nice breakfast with my parents, doing the 100-workout, getting a little more studying for my statistics final done and taking outfit pictures with my sister. Hopefully I’ll have those later tonight for you guys. Until then, wishing you all have a wonderful Friday. Yayyy, weekend coming up <3


  1. Mary says:

    aww, that bear is cute! love the outfit it is wearing! xx

  2. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    The final sucked!!! I wanted Rebecca to win, she was soooo much better! :) Enjoy yr weekend at home!


  3. Neris says:

    Cute pictures! Your Teddy Bear is adorable :)

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  4. TheOtherSideofCool says:

    Your teddy is sooo cute!! xx

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  5. Hillary says:

    Awww your teddy bear is so cute! Can't wait for your outfit posts!



  6. Lejla says:

    you are such a beauttyyyyy :P

  7. Aleksandra says:

    such a cute photos :)love that teddy :)