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Sunday’s Cravings – J.CREW

Well, I’m not sure if you can count these as “cravings” since I went out and bought them all. But I am so in love with every single piece, I couldn’t help but show my newest closet addtions to you guys. And the BEST part: lots of these babies are on sale :)

1. wynter sweater in a pastel mint color.

2. golden glittery clutch, it was perfect for NYE.

3. plaid boy shirt, perfect for layering with the wynter sweater. (seen here)

4. amazing bracelet with green – a new color to my jewelry collection.

5. the perfect, soft demin shirt. (worn here)

6. honeycomb cable sweater in a creamy white. (soooo soft!!!)

7. skinny glitter belt in silver.

8. this gorgeous tall blythe silk blouse in a deep purple.

**I also got a pretty necklace (pictured below) but can’t seem to find it online. They still had a few left in the store tho.

I know this will be the death of some of your wallets, girls, but J.CREW actually ships to Germany and other countries … I just found out and wish I hadn’t. Need a 2nd job a.s.a.p.!!!! ;D

  1. lippylash says:

    I think I love just about everything!!! I’m so excited to go visit Jcrew in 9 days.. USA here I come. Hope they have a lot of the stuff you bought!

  2. h.anna says:

    das jeanshemd find ich vom feinsten! steht dir übrigens super, wie man im letzten post sieht :D

  3. katya says:

    you did really good there!lovely sweaters :)

  4. Anca says:

    I love all these pieces and I actually like them a lot more the way you photographed them!! My favourite is the cluth.


  5. Sarah says:

    It’s funny how different the things look on your pictures compared to the J.Crew online pictures. But even prettier if that’s even possible! Enjoy your haul from the States. Which I could just fly back over.

    Love, S.

  6. hannah says:

    ich hab mir bei h&m so einen weißen pulli mit zopfmuster (?) gekauft, so ähnlich wie der oben, nur ein bisschen länger. das beste daran ist, dass er nicht nur hübsch und schön zu kombinieren ist sondern auch warm hält!

  7. Kasia M says:

    This stuff is gorgeous! :D I loooove the fuchsia shirt! amazing color. The little bag is so cool! I also really like the jewelry. Great haul! :D

  8. Dagmar says:

    super schöne sachen :-) irgendwie bin ich ja froh,dass es J.Crew nur in Amerika gibt….hallo kleiner Privatkonkurs ;)

  9. Andrea says:

    Tolle Einkäufe!! Besonders die Tasche ist total schön!! :)
    Lg, Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  10. Maja says:

    Really nice! My favourite is the sequined clutch!

    Here’s what I currently crave: http://fourseasonstogo.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/back-to/


  11. I absolutely love J.Crew! Wish they had it anywhere close to where I live. I especially like the denim shirt and the jewelry you picked up. And I love the outfit that you already styled with the shirt! Goes so good with the pink.

  12. Katherine says:

    You had quite the haul! Love everything and also loving the new J.Crew stuff for spring <3

  13. Kristen says:

    I’ve totally been obsessed with J Crew lately!! I’m dying over that bracelet and denim shirt.