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Sunday’s Cravings – a touch of neon #2

Last week I showed you guys how to add a bit of neon to a casual outfit. This week I wanted to share a similar but more dressy look that I would love to wear!! Add a black blazer and this would be perfect for a night out on the town with your favorite girls!

1. a statment necklace with a bit of neon & glitz

2. high heels in a more suble pink so it doesn’t end up being too much

3. a simple pair of black skinny jeans

4. a gorgeous silky white blouse

5. a clutch with a cool pattern and some neon highlights

Hope you’re all having a WONDERFUL Easter!! We’ve spent the day indulging on a big breakfast, driving around the lake and relaxing at the spa :) Some first impressions of our vacation will be up on the blog tomorrow morning.

  1. silvia - thefrontrow says:

    amazing heels!
    Happy easter to you too!


    twitter: @thefrontrow_tfr

  2. Anna says:

    These heels remind me a little bit of two Zara heels that come in black and a bright red color. They have a bit thicker heel and look gorgeous!
    I`m personally not a huge fan of the necklace, but everything else looks gorgeous!

  3. Cute outfit! These pink heels is amazing! I love it! And the clutch is simply perfect! Well done!
    I hope you enjoyed your holidays!!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  4. claude says:

    These shoes look perfect even though also hurtful ;)
    love the color


  5. Tiffany Elam says: