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sundays at home…

…make me happy!! It’s such a nice feeling to come home to my parent’s house after a couple of weeks in the city and spending the day doing close to nothing. My mom got back from Italy last night with lots of delicious goodies. We had some amazing italian anti-pasti for lunch, of course there is always cake around AND my mom had cleaned out her closet and granted me a last look at everything she was throwing out. I found 2 items that I just didn’t want to see going to charity so they’ll coming with me to Vienna tomorrow.
 Freshest bruschetta EVER.
 My mom always has flowers around. I especially love these imperfect roses on our huge wooden dining table from Indonesia.
 Not just one cake, there has to be 3 different kinds :) Back to the gym tomorrow!!
 First goodie my mom wanted to give away. How perfect is this for the fall??
 You can also attach a longer strap to wear it as a cross body bag.
 2nd goodie: sheer blouse, acutally HANDMADE by my mom. (She’s a seamstress)
As much as I love spending a couple of days at home, I am also very very excited to be back with the BF tomorrow and to have someone to cuddel and warm my feet at night.
XOX Vicky
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  1. Ms. H says:

    Gorgeous post–probably my favorite so far!! It's a great reminder of life's simple pleasures

    And yes, the warm feet part is nice. =)


  2. Mariel Torres says:

    this post made me smile. i LOVE sundays at home… delicious brunch and time with the bf. unfortunately, i'm at school now but it did make me look forward to thanksgiving break even more :).
    have a marvelous coming week darling!

  3. Closet Fashionista says:

    Looks like you had a great day!! I love the bag you got from your mom's closet :D :D The shirt is so great too :)

  4. sara flyawaywithbirds says:

    aaaw yummi!!!

  5. victoriajeanne says:

    i would deffinitely wear that bag as a satchel. would be perfect for classes. the blouse is gorgeous, it looks like its made of air. wonderful finds!

  6. Mary says:

    Great pics! Love that purse… and allll the dessert ;)

    Mary xo

  7. Jay says:

    Love that shirt! So cool that your mom handmade it! :)


  8. Michelle says:

    the bruschetta looks delissssh

    you last comment makes me jealous that i'm not sleeping at the bfs tonight!

  9. MsHark says:

    mmm I love bruschetta! Looks so fresh and delicious!

  10. LEAH says:

    that lunch looks delicious.. i'm definitely going to have to make an anti pasti lunch this week…
    btw, is that a cheese knife?

  11. Juliana says:

    lovely. :)

  12. the red bungalow says:

    All I can say is you are definitely lucky that have that kind of tastiness waiting for you back at home! lol. The leopard bag is definitely great for Fall too (so perfect that you snagged it before it went out the door)!


    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  13. Alexa says:

    tolle Sachen hast du da von deiner Mum ergattert ;) ist sie das auf dem Bild neben der Bluse? Süßes Foto :)

  14. feli says:

    tolle bilder,
    allgemein mag ich deinen blog sehr!


  15. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    Your pictures are getting prettier and prettier babe! :) And what great treasures you've found!!!


  16. lila Check says:

    gorgeous post,gorgeous blog and gorgeous you!
    love,love,love your blog and will be back for more later.

  17. Rosa&Carlotta says:

    yummy! the bruschetta looks delicious, you're making me hungry girl ;D

    Check out our fashion illustrations at Illustrated-Moodboard.com ! = )


  18. Anna Katrina says:

    great pictures – i love the sheer blouse :)


  19. Ena says:

    i love bruschetta :) and your blouse ;)

  20. Anja says:

    The Bruschetta looks so good! It's one of my favourite dishes. <3 I like it homemade the most, because lots of restaurants can't get it right!

  21. Valou says:

    I'm a fan of burschetta is so good to eat ^^
    Your mom is so kind :) I love the shirt !

  22. Stephanie says:

    the bag is amazing :D Love the blouse! Beautiful pictures :]

    Stay happy & Live.Laugh.Love.

  23. A La Mode et Plus! says:

    Weekends at home are always nice! Looks like your mom has great style- love the bag and blouse!

  24. Lizette says:

    Those cakes and bruschetta look absolutely mouth watering! And how sweet of your mother to pass on those gorgeous things to you. Hope you enjoyed your time home!


    P.S. I´ve loved your blog for some time now, I am officially following you :)

  25. We love the sweet life says:

    Can you make us a antipasti like that someday? =D

  26. vicky h. says:

    @LEAH: it's not specifically a cheese knife but it works for almost everything :) it's by Porsche Design

    @Alexa: ja, das ist sie, meine liebe Mami auf dem Foto :)

    @We love the sweet life: anytime!!

    @everyone else: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all your sweet comments. Time at home and with the fam is truely so precious to me and I love that you all feel the same! (and that most of you seem to love bruschetta)

    XOX Vicky

  27. Vyile says:

    you are a beautiful girl! I love your blog! it's so chic…amazing!!!

    can you check out my blog/follow at:



    There's nothing better than Sundays with the fam…and that food looks amazing!!

  29. Flavia says:

    Very good bruschetta !!!!!!

  30. Samantha says:

    Okay, I want to come to Sunday dinner at your house if it means getting food that delicious and amazing handbags!! Lovely post!