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sunday for coffee.

Yesterday, I finally felt better and couldn’t wait to leave my bed for a few hours. I decided to get dressed and met 2 girlfriends for coffee in the afternoon. I wanted to be comfortable, so this pretty basic outfit was the outcome. My mom would probably kill me if she saw me standing outside without my jacket on, but I promise it was only for 2 minutes while my little sister snapped a few pictures.
Seven7original jeans (my sisters)
Zara blouse & leopard belt
Rubbish tank top
Bullboxer boots
H&M scarf
vintage bangle
MK watch
d.i.y. headband
Steve Madden wallet
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday :)

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XOX Vicky
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  1. sun ink says:

    love love love those boots. and the belt. AND the whole look. and i must add… you look very very similar to one of my best friends! pretty lady!

  2. sun ink says:

    here are photos i took of my friend. so crazy how much you two look alike!


  3. La Petite Olga says:

    Great outfit!!! I love your leo belt!

    xx Olga

  4. The doll on fashion says:

    Glad you are feeling better, I love the sleeve detail on your blouse and the leopard belt is very cute!

    The doll on fashion

  5. Cecilia Turner says:

    love it-don't understate basic outfits! I love the white shirt tucked into your jeans and the shoes are an amazing find!

  6. Babe Jane says:

    schlicht und schön :)

  7. Carlinn says:

    Stunning! I mentioned your lovely blog in my latest post btw xx http://www.superficialgirls.com/2011/02/look-of-day-sheer-blouse.html

  8. Tasja says:

    Very nice outfit!

    & I love your belt the most haha it really is the cherry on the pie for this outfit!

  9. Anna Saccone says:

    One of my absolute favourites!! You look amazing! I love the belt, it brings something extra to a really classic beautiful look! <3

  10. prettyinthedesert says:

    I love that blouse! So cute and your headband turned out super cute as well!


  11. Belle says:

    Gorgeous outfit. Love those boots! Belle xx

  12. sara flyawaywithbirds says:

    schön, dass es dir besser geht :)

  13. Christine says:

    you look beautiful, love your outfit <3

  14. Pretty Vintage says:

    loving the headband! :)


  15. gina says:

    GORGEOUS! I'm loving the belt and shoes. This outfit is simply amazing. You look so pretty.

    xo, gina

  16. Closet Fashionista says:

    LOVE it!! I want that belt!! :D

  17. Diana says:

    You're really nice!

  18. Sarah says:

    Love love love the outfit!

  19. Alexa says:

    tolle stiefel!

  20. Anonymous says:

    hey vicky

    dein haarband ist echt supersüß!!

    ich habe gesehen, dass du dir vor kurzem was bei asos bestellt hast… ich hab mich dort in einen mantel verliebt :-) und wollte dich fragen, ob du in uk oder in deutschland bestellt hast?!

    bussl Julia

  21. Andee Layne says:

    amazing belt love! Ive been eyeing one from asos :)

  22. Sonja P. says:

    cuuuuuuuute :) freu mich schon so wenn du wieder in wien bist !!!
    schau immer auf deinen blog …damit ich weiß, was du jeden tag so machst :)

  23. Marella says:

    Gorgeous outfit dear! <3

  24. Kristy Alexandra says:

    Love how you accessorize a 'simple' white shirt and jeans! And the boots, LOVE them

  25. Megan says:

    Fabulous as always! I definitely love the roughness of the boots with the outfit…its gorgeous!

    <3 Megan

  26. vicky h. says:

    @julia: puhh ich kann dir das gar nicht so genau sagen, aber ich glaub ich bin immer auf der UK seite. ist ja so oder so gratis versand und zurück schicken kannst dus auch einen monat lang falls der mantel nicht passt oder so :) go for it!!

    xox Vicky

  27. Jazmína says:

    Du bist soooooo hübsch :)

    und mir fällt gerade jetzt erst auf dass hier auf welche zu dir auf Deutsch schreiben und ich Doofie immer auf Englisch :p


  28. Catherine says:

    amazing, you are so gorgeous xxx love your boots

  29. Thekla says:

    so chic&stylish x

    check out the AlexanderMcQueen scarf giveaway:)

  30. A La Mode et Plus! says:

    I always love your casual outfits! Your blouse is gorgeous and this look is so clean and fresh. The belt and headband give it a nice something extra, though!

  31. Signorina Christina says:

    Love that headband!!!Did you make it yourself???Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  32. Emily Anne says:

    This outfit is seriously amazing.
    I love it, it is perfect for coffee.
    Oh, and your landscape is BEAUTIFUL.

  33. Amber says:

    wow your photos are great!


  34. Lucy says:

    Great outfit! I love your shoes :).

  35. G says:

    Really love this photos!!!!


  36. Ekaterina says:

    Amazing outfit! You look very pretty!

  37. Miyan says:

    glad you are feeling better and i can so relate to wanting to get out of bed after being sick. i am with an ear infection for the past 3 days and couldn't shower in order to not let the water in, but today i was determined and clipped a sandwich bag to my ear just so i could feel a bit better. i look your look in this post! the belt and boots and blouse.



  38. EJC says:

    Love your blog! You are so beautiful! Follow my travel diary at http://florencenightsandfairytales.blogspot.com/…I am studying Fashion in Firenze Italia! xo Emily Jenny

  39. Jay says:

    This is so pretty! love it :)


  40. Teckie says:

    Cute headband!

  41. Erica Wark says:

    What a cute look!

    Love the outfit!