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Recently, many of you have asked me what my plans for the summer are and I haven’t really given you an answer to that :) Well today I’ll fill you in!!

I’ve been so undecisive about what to do this summer. I really wanted to travel AND I wanted to do an internship. Then at the beginning of May the perfect opportunity came along … an internship for social media and marketing in L.A. :) I didn’t really tell anyone that I applied since I thought my chances were pretty slim. Well turns out my interview via skype went really well and they loved my blog and I ended up getting the internship. (If you follow me on Twitter, you already knew that.)

I had to figure out a place to live, find a car to rent so I can get to work and I had to get my flight booked. I just wanted to finalize everything before sharing with you :) After lots of planning I finally have everything set up and will be taking off 3 weeks from today!! I still can’t believe it! I’ll be interning 4 days a week for 6 weeks. The office is located right on the boardwalk in Venice Beach … so amazing!!!

I’ll be living down by the beach in the area of Manhattan Beach / Santa Monica with my best friend Alex for the 6 weeks of my internship. She is one of my oldest and closest friends and I am beyond excited to spend some quality time with her this summer. We already booked bootcamp classes by the beach and bought a membership for a yoga place right on 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica.

Now I just have to figure out a way to pack Mike into my carry-on suitcase and take him with me :)

Phewww, what a long post!!! I’m so excited about the summer and can’t wait to share my experience of living in L.A. right here on the blog with you. Also, make sure you “like” my Facebook page for more frequent updates :)


  1. The doll on fashion says:

    That sounds absolutely brilliant – well done!

    What an adventure and it sounds like you have everything planned and sorted to perfection!

    The doll on fashion

  2. Gawgus things... says:

    Sounds amazing!! Summer plans are always the best :)

  3. Carlota says:

    Wauw congratulations! This sounds amazing! You're going to have a good time this summer! :) xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear, that sounds like the perfect summer plans, I am so jealous :) I just hope you won't forget blogging as often as possible :))

  5. Sarah says:

    I envy you SO MUCH right now! But congrats of course!

    If the need someone for accounting/finance/strategic management – let me know, hehe :) Wouldn't say no to a job in LA.

    Love, S.

  6. Neris says:

    WOW! You really are the luckiest girl in the world! :) CONGRATS! Sounds like it's gonna be one excited summer for you! Well done!

    Fashion Fractions

  7. TheOtherSideofCool says:

    Oh my god, I cannot even describe how jealous I am right now. The job, LA, the car, spending the summer with your bestie… does it GET any better?

    Cant wait to see how it goes :) have a GREAT time xxx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  8. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    Oh Babe, that sounds amazing!!! I´m so so happy for you! :D


  9. Mangoblüte says:

    ich freue mich riesig für dich! das klingt alles fantastisch! wird bestimmt eine wunderschöne und unvergessliche zeit! :)

  10. Julia says:

    WOW, this is absolutely amazing! Congratulations :)
    Enjoy it, you'll have a great time!
    I'm really happy for you!


  11. http://www.victorypug.com says:

    I'm sooooooo jealous! Enjoy every minute sweetie ;)

  12. Emilie says:

    wow super cool! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!
    Das klingt echt sehr toll =) Ich freue mich sehr für dich und bin schon auf deine posts über die zeit in LA gespannt ;)

  13. A76 says:

    Congrats – This sounds so amazing, you're going to have a great time!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy for you Vicky, well done darling, and good luck. I guess you will share your experience with us. I can't wait for your next post. take care. xoxoxoxoxo

  15. Closet Fashionista says:

    Woooohoooo congrats!!!! It sounds like you are going to have an AMAZING 6 weeks! And that car is amazinggg :D

  16. lefashionchic says:

    Wow what an amazing news!!! Congrats!! Guess you will be having the time of your life!


    Congrats with your internship, it sounds wonderfull!
    Have fun and good luck with it!

    Join my giveaway!

  18. *Make It A Tag* says:

    Owwww, exciting times ahead. It beats my summer plans of finding a career focused job while working in sales all summer! Haa ha ha ha! Enjoy and keeps us all updated :)

  19. Jacquelyn says:

    WOW congrats!! & good luck <3

    xo Jackie

  20. Kristina says:

    Congratulations girl! Sounds like you have an amazing summer on your hands!


  21. sara flyawaywithbirds says:

    Wooooow das klingt echt traumhaft… ich platze gerade vor Neid :) !!!!!
    Wünsche dir jetzt schon mal viel Spaß, aber den wirst du sicherlich haben…WAHNSINN!


  22. LabelSnob says:

    WOW! Congratulations Vicky! What a fun and amazing summer you are going to have! Enjoy every minute of it!

  23. Alyssa says:

    That is really so awesome! Congratulations and I hope you have an amazing time.

  24. La Petite Olga says:

    So excited for you! Congrats on your internship!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  25. Zoe Gabrielle says:

    Good for you! I am so excited for your opportunity. Social media is your calling girl, god knows your the reason I started my on blog.

    Know anyone doing International Relations interns : )

    I wish you the best of luck. I know you will do just fabulous. Not to mention Summer time in cali is perfect!

    Zoe Gabrielle

  26. Becky says:

    This sounds incredible, such an amazing opportunity!

  27. Mary @Delightful Bitefuls says:

    YAY! Congrats! That is soooo exciting!!!!!!

    Mary xo

  28. Kristen says:

    Yay. Can't wait to see you post around cali. Love your posts and it will be exciting to see places I can actually go to :)

  29. Magic Threads says:

    That's great news! You should totally have a meet up and let us Cali fans meet you! ^_^

  30. Kathrin says:

    Wow, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das wird bestimmt ein toller Sommer :)

  31. April says:

    Thats some exciting news!! :) Im glad everything fell into place for you this summer! I'm spending the summer in La (specifically Irvine) area and it would be great to meet up with you for coffee if you have time! :) I love meeting bloggers around the world!


  32. pleasure amazing place says:

    relax over coffee and see the beautiful natural scenery really fun.

  33. Maebell says:

    I've always wanted to vacation in LA or at least just visit!!! summer 2011 sounds like it'll be a good one(: wonderful blog!



  34. Julia says:

    Was für eine tolle Gelegenheit :) Bist du dann 6 Wochen getrennt von deinem Freund oder kommt er dich besuchen?

    LG Julia

  35. Fanfarella says:

    das wird ja wirklich ein absoluter traumsommer für dich, freu mich dass das alles so klappt für dich :) hoffentlich kommst du auch wirklich wieder zurück, wenns dort so toll ist ;)

  36. sanjella says:

    Congratulations, that sounds soooo amazing! :)

  37. Piekfein says:

    wooow, congrats. that sounds awesome!!! can't wait for your pics :)


  38. House of Popuiel says:

    What an amazing opportunity! Congrats:)

  39. Thuy says:

    How exciting! Looking forward to reading about your summer :)

  40. girl in the poodle shoes says:

    Love your sunglasses, what are they?
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
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