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slightly white.

It is amazing to me, what some simple rays of sunshine can do to my mood. I woke up today to the sun shining into our bedroom and everything was lit beautifully in a soft yellow light. It was so easy to get up and even easier to pick an outfit. I felt like dressing summery without looking ridiculous since I knew the temperatures weren’t much above 55°F. White can sometimes be a dangerous color but I decided to be daring. Do you think I over-did it with the white shirt and scarf to go along with the jeans? Well, I’ll be doing a load of white laundry but it was all worth the lovely day in the city.
{Zara blazer and flats, Hugo Boss shirt (mens), Tally Weijl skinny jeans, H&M scarf and bangles, Topshop ring, Asos across-body bag, vintage belt}
we sat in the sun by this fountain for a while, simply wonderful.
lots of other people just as excited as we were about the pretty day, lounging on the lawn in the middle of Stuttgart.
quick lunch as vapiano, always delicious.
P.S. be sure to check out Bikinis & Passports on Bloglovin’. xox
  1. Jules says:

    what a lovely afternoon! i like that you wore all white – you look fantastic! with my track record on spilling food / drinks…i would terrified to sport all white…because i just know it wouldn't stay that way for long :)

  2. sophie says:

    this looks like the absolute perfect day! and i definitely love the all white look, you look great in it!

  3. Treselle says:

    love this outfit!!


  4. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    WOW… just before we left for tunisia my boyfriend and i did an easter fotoshoot below the exact same tree as you did on pic nr2… of course not in vienna though… :) so pretttty… and i love the all white outfit… u look absolutely gorgeous!!!! :) XXX

  5. Sera says:

    Ich studiere Deutsche an meiner Universität. Ich spreche ein bisschen!

    Ich liebe so viel weiß! Ich wette, dass das Essen ist köstlich!

  6. LouBoo says:

    Hello – I like your blog – great shots and agree – a sunny day does lift spirits and allow a whole new world of dressing opportunities. Its been the longest ever winter…

  7. chicfille says:

    thanks for letting me live vicariously through your sunshine! It's a rainy day in chicago. I'm in all black/gray with rainboots. :)

  8. jack bespoke says:

    love the all white look, its hard to pull off but u definitely have done it here

    (a new blog!)

  9. letterstobetsy says:

    i love me some good white pants come spring! i have a fabulous pair of linen whites from BR from a few seasons ago and I lOVE THEM! Every year when I pull them out I just get so excited!

  10. MsHark says:

    I love white! I think it totally works. I'd love it even more with nude, gold, or bronze shoes!


  11. vicky h. says:

    totally have to agree with you steph. I think the black was way too much of a contrast for the outfit but I was travelling and my only other options were uggs, black leather boots, running shoes or flats with a flower pattern :(

    thank you so much for all the comments!

  12. Mariel Torres says:

    gorgeous outfit and pictures :)

  13. Pretty Vintage says:

    wow, your outfit is gorgeous. Living in South Africa, I'm all about the dresses and summery vibes. I'm not too adept at pairing winter stuff together as I get bored to0 easily, but your outfit is really an inspiration, you look stunning.



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