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3 days after the „not so thrilling“ experience in Greece in 2007, I went to Egypt with my friend Christine. We booked all-inclusive at the Sea Club Resort in Sharm-el-Sheikh and after my previous experience, I was a little skeptical. Only to be proven wrong! It was honestly the biggest contrast to the trip to Korfu just days earlier.
view over the sea club resort. the sunsets were amazing!!
We were picked up at the airport and brought directly to the hotel. Once there, our luggage was taken from us and we were escorted to check-in in the grand lobby. At the reception we were informed that there had been a slight change in our booking and we had been upgraded from pool-view to ocean-front. I’m sure you can imagine our disappointment :)
Once we got to the room, our suitcases had already been dropped off and there were fresh flowers on the bed. A wonderful start to a great week.
the pool was heaven for all ages.
Even tough the hotel and food and everything else was very pleasing, I have to say I would not go back to Egypt without my boyfriend or other male company. Most of the staff at the resort was male and we were two 18 year-old girls. It got very overwhelming after a while and the whistling and staring was insulting.
Another down-side is, that there is basically nothing to do outside of the hotel facilities. The Sea Club Resort, like most of the hotels in Egypt, is surrounded by desert. However, day-trips into town are offered. We were actually happy to stay in the hotel area since the Sea Club had its own reef and we spent most of our days in the water anyways.
christine and I at the beach.
Snorkeling in the red sea has to be one of my favorite experiences ever. We saw the most colorful fish, beautiful underwater plants and … get this, a shark!! It was probably the most exciting and scariest thing of all time. We were just snorkeling along, when all of a sudden I saw a huge fish coming towards us. I remember thinking „it can’t be, ohh no I hope its not… OHH GOD, IT’S A SHARK“. At first I panicked and stuck my head above the water. Not the best idea! Knowing a shark is below you and not being able to see where its at, was even worse than looking at it, so I went back under. With the silence and peacefulness under the water and my heart pounding in my ear I tried to stay as composed as possible. The shark probably didn’t even notice us, since it calmly swam about 7 feet underneath us and just kept going in the other direction. We talked to some people after and were told that seeing a shark while snorkeling is like winning the lottery, since they mostly stay out in the deeper water and don’t like being close to the reef and people.
the beach. those pink flowere are just like the ones we found on our bed the first night.
All-in-all I have to say, this was the perfect trip to follow the Korfu-experience. I had a great time and saw some amazing underwater-life. If you don’t like snorkeling, there are plenty of other leisure activities you can partake in. We saw people of all ages enjoying their time under the egyptian sun.
  1. Glam Girl says:

    OMG! Theswe pictures looks so great! I wanna go there! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    Woohoo! I'm going to Hurghada in July and I can't wait! I got my diving licence a couple of years ago and I saw a shark too! Scary sh*t!!! :))))

    P.S: I moved my blog! Please come by to say hi and now you have to re-follow! :)



  3. A L E X A says:

    Amazing photos!
    Looks like you had a great time no?
    I don't know where to go this summer, Greece or Turkey? hmm

  4. kirstyb says:

    fabulous pictures – i need a holiday x

  5. Lisa Lisa Lisa says:

    What a fantastic, wonderful adventure! Those are some beautiful pictures.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Taylor Sterling says:

    great photos!!

  7. MsHark says:

    Wow it looks STUNNING!! I had no idea Egypt had places like this! I've always wanted to go.

    Thanks for sharing! I love travel! I'm moving to China in one month. My blog is going to be all about my travels, and fashion & beauty of course. Check it out! follow me if you like!



  8. Parag says:

    It has been said that sharm el sheik is a must visit for all diving enthusiasts. There are many diving sites along the 10 mile beach between Sharm el-Sheikh and Ras Nusrani.
    Sharm El Sheikh Airport

  9. Flavia says:

    …una vacanza da sogno

  10. But the robot kitchen was good, the robot service fast, the drinks tasty and cold. Well-refreshed I left and went to the telephone dispenser I had used before. But this time I bought the cheapest model, then found a quiet spot in an alleyway to make my call. But only after I had put the eavesdropping bugs on the ground and walked away from them.